Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birth Day Cooper and Jacob!


After what seemed like the longest pregnancy ever, Alisha and Glen had two beautiful identical baby boys about a week ago, named Jacob and Cooper! They are the sweetest, cutest little twin boys ever to be born, and I am just besotted with them... So small, both of them weighing about 5lb12oz and 47cm. How perfect! Unfortunately Alisha and the boys have had to stay in hospital over this past week as they have suffered with jaundice and low blood sugar, so they haven't been home yet, but we are hoping it will be soon. Alisha is doing really well and is recovering perfectly thus far.

Did I ever tell you the way these two babies came to be? Well, it's a story to be told, so here goes...

Alisha was driving in the car doing the school run one day when she got an overwhelming feeling that, if her and Glen wanted more kids, now was the time to do it. She said the feeling came so suddenly and so strong that she went home and told Glen about it. And sure enough, Glen felt the exact same way. I kid you not, one month later, she was pregnant - with twins! This was her dream come true!! Ever since I can remember Alisha has wanted twins. She wanted Emily to be twins, Thomas to be twins, and yes, Mitchell and Olivia to be twins - no joke. It blows me away every time to think that she actually got her dream come true. She ALWAYS wanted a big family (she's the first to admit that she would have 12 if she could!), even when she was a little girl when she was obsessed with babies, and now with her six kids under 12, I think its safe to say she definitely has her big family!

I love love love how these two boys came to be. My sister is a wonderful example to me of the blessings that come through righteous living.

I look forward to posting more pics when I see them again!! I can't believe my sister has six kids..... three is work enough for me!! :-)

Meanwhile, here they are!
Welcome boys! 
                               Jacob Dean                                                             Cooper David


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