Sunday, February 24, 2013


I can't believe my oldest daughter is in Prep!! After graduating Kindy last year, Vettoria has entered into "Big Girl School", AKA Prep, which is a full-time preparatory class before grade 1. She just LOVES it. She cannot get enough of it. When she is home she wishes she was there, and when she is at school she is sad when she has to go home. The transition from Kindy to Prep has been, to no surprise whatsoever, completely easy and stress-free. Not one tear shed, not one frown shown. It has been nothing but go-go-go, yay-yay-yay all day every day since that first big girl school day. She loves it, and so do I!  She attends her class just like other students at the school, 8.30am-2.30pm every weekday. She had five other Kindy friends, including her best 'boy' friend Austin, also join her at Chatswood Hills Primary,  so she could jump straight in and have fun with friends straight away. But she has also made lots new friends as well which is great.

Meanwhile, my Big Girl school experience this year as been very different from the laid-back social life I had created for myself at Kindy last year. Instead of mingling and hanging out with other mums in the morning and afternoon as our kids played on the toys or we watched them doing different activities, for me there is no time to stop as I go from one school to the other dropping off Tori and then Eadie who is now in Kindy. We've got a pretty good routine down pat, although it never ceases to amaze me how hectic and insane the parking situation at the primary school is, come 2.30pm. Lucky for me, my friend Fiona also sends her daughter Myah to Chatties (the geeky name us mothers of Chatswood Hills kids call the school for short), and so she offers to pick Tori up three days a week, which makes my job SOOO much easier, especially since I'm now teaching seminary! And Tori loves it more than anything. (We have had to have talks about not being so rude to mummy when she comes and picks her up instead and Tori will start to cry because it's not Fiona and Myah... I tell you what, as much as I would kill for time to myself every once in a while, it sure does break a mum's heart when the daughter's the one saying "I'd rather be with my friends, thanks".. :-(

I have actually been surprised that Tori has already been given 'home readers' which are little story books with sight words to learn and practice. I wasn't expecting this kind of thing before grade 1, so already I am impressed with the school, and so far I'm really happy with our primary school of choice. Plus, it's literally around the corner from our house, a 5 minute walk down the road, which is also a bonus.

Unfortunately in these pics I took on her first day of school, I forgot to include her little tie she has to wear with her 'formal' uniform, which is a white shirt. She alternates between her formal uniform and her 'sports' uniform which is a blue and green polo shirt. Both look absolutely adorable, and I must say, we are definitely lucky to have the best looking uniform in the district...Don't you agree? :-)  Meanwhile, I'll have to get a pic of the trend she has set with her school socks. SOOO funny. These pics were taken day 1, so I showed her how to fold down her own socks, but as of day 2 and the rest of the time, she has opted to roll them down all the way, like a big circular tube sitting around her ankles. It always make me smile, because I remember my sister Sarah used to roll her school socks down when she went to school - IN THE 80s!!! But Tori refuses to wear them any other way, and I'm cool with that. :-)  Trendsetter already? ;-)

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