Thursday, April 11, 2013

THAT mother...

What an exciting event was Vettoria's first ever Cross Country! She had been waiting her whole life for something so competitive to perform in, and at last she got her chance. And guess what?? She WON!! She was the FIRST girl to cross the line, the second person out of everyone!!! It was so super exciting I could hardly contain myself!!

She was all dressed up for the event in her school team color, yellow. Unbeknownst to me they were selling school colored shirts in the canteen leading up to the event, so instead we hit the shops looking for a perfect yellow shirt. I saw every shirt apart from yellow, until we finally came across this one:
She loved it! And along with tights and yellow socks she was all ready to go out there and run! 
It wasn't until I got to the school that I realised the team color yellow was actually more orange than yellow, so, needless to say, she was sticking out like a sore thumb in her highlight bright yellow shirt with a big smiley love heart on the front... :-/  ..oops!

To our delight, Irma was able to come and cheer with us, so we all headed up to the oval where the running would take place. The track was quite short for the little preppies, only about 300m or so, so I knew she wouldn't have a problem with the distance. I was expecting her to do a pretty good job, as Juan and I were both runners at school and after seeing her run around with her friends I was convinced the gene had passed on, but I had no idea just how well she would do! 

The gun went and off they ran! I was sooo grateful for the bright yellow shirt at that point, because she really was the only kid anyone could recognise from the starting line over the other side of the field! :-)
So there we stood, me and Irma along with all the other mums, waiting for the gun. When it finally went off, I naturally began screaming my lungs out, "Go Tori! Go!" along with Irma. At one point as they rounded the first bend, Tori actually looked over at us when she heard me call her name, which made me hold back a little until she was close enough to understand I was encouraging her and not calling out to her! haha. 

So she ran and ran, and for the first 100m she was in the lead! I was so excited, and I could see other mothers looking at me with funny little smiles on their faces as they clicked that she was mine. Which was when I realised... was I the only one yelling? Irma standing next to me was also cheering, but apart from her, we were pretty much alone.. Other mothers were clapping every now and again or maybe the occasional  "Go so-and-so!"... Don't believe me? My friend Fiona, without me knowing, was standing on the other side of the race course and she actually snapped a pic of me and Irma cheering! I love this pic!:

See? Who knew most mothers didn't cheer?? Well I am a cheerer, and I will again and again and again, because it was soooo super exciting and I loved watching her doing so well in something she loved. Actually, it was quite hilarious because her friend Alex came first and so she was running about 4m behind him for the last 50m or so. But in the last 10 or so meters I think she thought "We've did it, we can slow down now", so after Alex crossed the line she kind of slowed into a jog and at one point was going so slow the other kids had caught up to her behind her and Irma and I were on the sidelines yelling "Keep running! Keep running!" for fear that they would overtake her and reach the young girl standing at the end of the race holding the place ribbons before she actually did! It was excruciating to see the other kids almost catching up to her as she was completely oblivious to what was happening behind her!! So awfully funny :-) 

 She did so well, I was so proud of her. And you know what? The first thing she said to me when we walked up to each other after she got her ribbon was, "Did you see me?" to which I said "Yes! Did you hear me cheering?" She did, and then she asked me the cutest question in the world.. "Mum, I came second! Are you proud of me?" It just made my heart melt. "Yes, I am so proud of you!" I said. "I am always proud of you! You tried so hard and you did so well!" We hugged and I could just see how proud she was of herself and how happy she was that she made me so happy. It was a precious moment, and a wonderful event. Even though I looked like 'one of those' mothers with my daughter dressed as the only one in running tights and the brightest shirt in the grade, as well as being the loudest cheerer there, I am sooo looking forward to more occasions to make a fool of myself in the future!! :-) 
Meanwhile, check out our little runner..... 

Long legs, arms relaxed, loose hands, breathing easy....... piece of cake ;-)

Hugs before the race!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Double the Love...

I am sooo in love with my new little nephews, Cooper and Jacob.
I just have to put this pic in here so I can always look back on it and remember them at this stage. The cutest little twins I have ever seen. I pick one up and say "You're just the cutest thing ever!" and then I look over and see ANOTHER ONE and my adoration for them just doubles!! Love love love them.... here they are:
See what I mean? Cutest. Twins. Ever. :-)

The Worst Yet..

My girls have always been scribblers. Tori drew on walls, Eadie drew on furniture, and Anabel has shown her artistic talents in more ways than one. 
But now Bel has taken wall graffiti to a whole new level. Check this out:

Paint? No. 
Pen? Nope.
Texta? Unfortunately no.
Blood? Lipstick? Icing mixture??
No, no, no.

That's right, Nail Polish. Thick, dark pink, and completely immovable. Bel grabbed hold of Tori's polish and after painting herself with it, dropped it onto the tiles and voila - the result. As you can see from the scrubbing marks, I tried everything; acetone, WD40, Magic Erasers, detergent, you name it (to the point where I was scrubbing off the wall paint!).

So, since we are in a rented house, the only thing I could do was surrender and call the rental agency, ask for the color of the wall paint and skirting board, and go out and buy a couple of tins to paint over it.  :-(

And what of Bel?? Well, take a look:
More nail polish!! All over her! I didn't want to try and wash it off with polish remover so close to her eyes, so I just left it and after a couple of days it wore off, thank goodness.. Too bad the same thing can't be said for the wall.... :-( 

Good thing she's cute!!

Eadie's Splinter Story

So Eadie got her first splinter. :-(
She came up to me one day after playing in the backyard and said "Mum, there's something on my finger and it wont come off...". I knew what it was without even looking at it. So, as with Tori, I proceeded to explain to her the process of removal and went to grab my trusty tweezers. But by the time I returned, Eadie was refusing to let me even look at the splinter, let alone put the tweezers anywhere near it. She was completely adamant that I was not touching it.

Well, I tried everything. I begged, I promised, I made suggestions, I bribed. I even told her that if we didn't get it out then her finger would fall off. I told her we would have to go to the hospital and they would have to give her a needle. I had Tori speak with her to comfort her and tell her the story about her first splinter experience and now mummy made it better. I suggested we say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help her. I promised her chocolate.

But no. Our stubborn little Eadie proved once again that she is as stalwart as they come. That splinter was not going anywhere. And so it was.

So then one day around a week later we were out in the garden again. I remembered the splinter and I asked her "Hey Eadie, let me see your finger.....Where is the splinter?"
"It's gone", she said matter-of-factly.
"Gone? Well who took it out? Did Daddy take it out?"
"No", she said. "Jesus did."
*Confused... did she just say Jesus?*
"Jesus?" I asked.
"Yeah. I said a prayer and he made it come out".
*Slightly bewildered but also very impressed* "Oh, well that's great!"
"Yeah", she said. And then, in her little smug way, she added, "...Told you" :-)

How cute is that? 
Eadith is actually proving to be quite a 'spiritual' little girl. She NEVER forgets to pray, whether it's at dinner, or any meal for that matter, before bed, and family prayers, etc. I once asked her to hop out of the shower and she told me she was finishing her prayer. She then closed her prayer and was ready to get out. I asked her what she was praying about and she said "for my family". Aww.. :)

 However I must say that the funny thing is that when she prays she says exactly the same thing every time. It's the same prayer for dinner as it is before bed, just as it is for family prayer. Only when we interject with something for her to say, will she mix it up a little. Her words are always the same, and they go a little something like this... (Keep in mind that she says them so often that most of the time they just slur into eachother so they often sound like completely different words... but this is the drift...
"Dear Heavenly Father, *insert a long pause here and then she swallows loudly before she continues*, "Thank you for this night. Thank you for mum, dad, Tori, and Anabel. Thank you that the sun will come up and sleep all night dear Heavenly Father, that we will have a good night, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I kid you not, that is her prayer for everything. Every now and again she will add in about the food we are eating, or a place we are going, but even if she does add those things in, she will always say those same words at the beginning AND the end of her add-ins. It's so funny and it makes me giggle to myself every time. What a little cutie she is.

Snow Whites

A week ago Vettoria and Eadith were invited to their friend Audrey's 4th birthday party. The theme was Snow White and my friend Sonja had asked that, if possible the kids dress as Snow White or an associated character. 

So off we went to find some Snow White costumes. A family friend had one costume we could borrow, and then I went out and bought another one for Eadie. The result was sooo cute!! 

The excitedly ran into the party where they were greeted by 11 other Snow Whites!! No joke! Everywhere you looked you saw a unique little mini version. I had never seen anything like it. I had to snap a pic of them all jumping on the trampoline, it was a scene I had never imagined I would ever see.  How cute is this?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Anabel!!

I can't believe my baby girl is TWO!!! So big!!!

We had a small but colorful birthday party for Bel with family and some friends. She doesn't like many people in general, so we decided to just invite people she actually wouldn't freak out about being in the house. :-) 

Thanks to my friend Megan, we got some cute pics of the special event, and I'm happy to say Bel had a great time. As she loves the movie Finding Nemo, we did a 'fish' kind of theme with the cake and her present. We gave her five goldfish complete with fish tank, and she is STILL in love with it. We feed them every day and all the girls take turns sprinkling the little pellets into the water.  (I'm just happy they're still alive to be honest!) It sits in the little kitchen I made for the girls a couple of years ago. So happy, it fit into the shelf just perfectly!  

Anyway, the photos came out great, despite Anabel's insanely WRONG fringe which I cut the other week in a spur of the moment "that's it, I'm cutting this hair!" the pics came out great. How is it possible a fringe could go so wrong, you ask? Well, basically, as she tried to run from me and toss her head about to and fro, I ran behind her and picked up piece after piece of hair and snipped it as best as I could. I actually thought at the time that I was doing a great job under the circumstances, but it wasn't until I had finished it that I looked down at it and realised just what I had done..... eek.... 

I'll let the pictures do the talking.. :-)
Her fish themed birthday cake. I was totally happy with how it came out. Very simple and easy but looks fun and festive :-)

So exciting blowing out the candles!! She did it all by herself and loved it! 

Fits so snug and neat, and it's the perfect height for Bel :-)

Watermelon galore - Bel's favorite!!!

Loves loves LOVES those fish!! Yay!!
So many balloons everywhere! I left it too late to order, and had to hire a helium blower... hence, ALL the balloons!! 

So many cousins!!

Look at her fringe!! LOL! :-)

She now understands the concept of Pass-the Parcel - yay!!

Oldies but Goodies

I was looking through some old pics the other day and came across these pics of my cheekie little cutie-pie Eadie after she just turned 3 years.. As usual, food smeared on her cheeks and a grin on her face..She is also wearing her two favorite things... her togs, and an old summer dress. This dress is now too small so she wears them as a PJ top, but no kidding, she would wear them all day every day if I let her.
 It's no wonder I'm so in love with this girl..

Love this pic!

The photo of Tori was taken at her friend's birthday party recently and I just had to put it in.  Look at those rosy cheeks and big brown eyes.. Such a pretty girl!!