Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eadie's Splinter Story

So Eadie got her first splinter. :-(
She came up to me one day after playing in the backyard and said "Mum, there's something on my finger and it wont come off...". I knew what it was without even looking at it. So, as with Tori, I proceeded to explain to her the process of removal and went to grab my trusty tweezers. But by the time I returned, Eadie was refusing to let me even look at the splinter, let alone put the tweezers anywhere near it. She was completely adamant that I was not touching it.

Well, I tried everything. I begged, I promised, I made suggestions, I bribed. I even told her that if we didn't get it out then her finger would fall off. I told her we would have to go to the hospital and they would have to give her a needle. I had Tori speak with her to comfort her and tell her the story about her first splinter experience and now mummy made it better. I suggested we say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to help her. I promised her chocolate.

But no. Our stubborn little Eadie proved once again that she is as stalwart as they come. That splinter was not going anywhere. And so it was.

So then one day around a week later we were out in the garden again. I remembered the splinter and I asked her "Hey Eadie, let me see your finger.....Where is the splinter?"
"It's gone", she said matter-of-factly.
"Gone? Well who took it out? Did Daddy take it out?"
"No", she said. "Jesus did."
*Confused... did she just say Jesus?*
"Jesus?" I asked.
"Yeah. I said a prayer and he made it come out".
*Slightly bewildered but also very impressed* "Oh, well that's great!"
"Yeah", she said. And then, in her little smug way, she added, "...Told you" :-)

How cute is that? 
Eadith is actually proving to be quite a 'spiritual' little girl. She NEVER forgets to pray, whether it's at dinner, or any meal for that matter, before bed, and family prayers, etc. I once asked her to hop out of the shower and she told me she was finishing her prayer. She then closed her prayer and was ready to get out. I asked her what she was praying about and she said "for my family". Aww.. :)

 However I must say that the funny thing is that when she prays she says exactly the same thing every time. It's the same prayer for dinner as it is before bed, just as it is for family prayer. Only when we interject with something for her to say, will she mix it up a little. Her words are always the same, and they go a little something like this... (Keep in mind that she says them so often that most of the time they just slur into eachother so they often sound like completely different words... but this is the drift...
"Dear Heavenly Father, *insert a long pause here and then she swallows loudly before she continues*, "Thank you for this night. Thank you for mum, dad, Tori, and Anabel. Thank you that the sun will come up and sleep all night dear Heavenly Father, that we will have a good night, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

I kid you not, that is her prayer for everything. Every now and again she will add in about the food we are eating, or a place we are going, but even if she does add those things in, she will always say those same words at the beginning AND the end of her add-ins. It's so funny and it makes me giggle to myself every time. What a little cutie she is.

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