Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Anabel!!

I can't believe my baby girl is TWO!!! So big!!!

We had a small but colorful birthday party for Bel with family and some friends. She doesn't like many people in general, so we decided to just invite people she actually wouldn't freak out about being in the house. :-) 

Thanks to my friend Megan, we got some cute pics of the special event, and I'm happy to say Bel had a great time. As she loves the movie Finding Nemo, we did a 'fish' kind of theme with the cake and her present. We gave her five goldfish complete with fish tank, and she is STILL in love with it. We feed them every day and all the girls take turns sprinkling the little pellets into the water.  (I'm just happy they're still alive to be honest!) It sits in the little kitchen I made for the girls a couple of years ago. So happy, it fit into the shelf just perfectly!  

Anyway, the photos came out great, despite Anabel's insanely WRONG fringe which I cut the other week in a spur of the moment "that's it, I'm cutting this hair!" the pics came out great. How is it possible a fringe could go so wrong, you ask? Well, basically, as she tried to run from me and toss her head about to and fro, I ran behind her and picked up piece after piece of hair and snipped it as best as I could. I actually thought at the time that I was doing a great job under the circumstances, but it wasn't until I had finished it that I looked down at it and realised just what I had done..... eek.... 

I'll let the pictures do the talking.. :-)
Her fish themed birthday cake. I was totally happy with how it came out. Very simple and easy but looks fun and festive :-)

So exciting blowing out the candles!! She did it all by herself and loved it! 

Fits so snug and neat, and it's the perfect height for Bel :-)

Watermelon galore - Bel's favorite!!!

Loves loves LOVES those fish!! Yay!!
So many balloons everywhere! I left it too late to order, and had to hire a helium blower... hence, ALL the balloons!! 

So many cousins!!

Look at her fringe!! LOL! :-)

She now understands the concept of Pass-the Parcel - yay!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Anabel!! :)

    (I know it was a little while ago :) It all looks great Rani! Such a lovely photo of you and Anabel :)