Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Worst Yet..

My girls have always been scribblers. Tori drew on walls, Eadie drew on furniture, and Anabel has shown her artistic talents in more ways than one. 
But now Bel has taken wall graffiti to a whole new level. Check this out:

Paint? No. 
Pen? Nope.
Texta? Unfortunately no.
Blood? Lipstick? Icing mixture??
No, no, no.

That's right, Nail Polish. Thick, dark pink, and completely immovable. Bel grabbed hold of Tori's polish and after painting herself with it, dropped it onto the tiles and voila - the result. As you can see from the scrubbing marks, I tried everything; acetone, WD40, Magic Erasers, detergent, you name it (to the point where I was scrubbing off the wall paint!).

So, since we are in a rented house, the only thing I could do was surrender and call the rental agency, ask for the color of the wall paint and skirting board, and go out and buy a couple of tins to paint over it.  :-(

And what of Bel?? Well, take a look:
More nail polish!! All over her! I didn't want to try and wash it off with polish remover so close to her eyes, so I just left it and after a couple of days it wore off, thank goodness.. Too bad the same thing can't be said for the wall.... :-( 

Good thing she's cute!!

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