Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Eadith!

At last, Eadie is four --Phew! The reason I sound so exasperated about this is because she has been talking about her fourth birthday party since the day she turned three, so hence we are relieved and very happy that it finally arrived. :-)

And arrive it did!! Eadie chose a purple fairy theme this year, and was desperate to borrow her church primary teacher's little fairy costume that she had worn once while visiting her home. Once again, the costume didn't disappoint and the morning of her party she put it on and pranced around the way a fairy does. She also requested lots of purple flowers, so we hit the shops and made a beautiful bouquet of artificial flowers all selected by her, and she is so excited to have it in her room "forever!" ;-)

The day was particularly busy that week as we also welcomed Sarah and her four kids Ava, Sophia, Spencer, and Lauren into our home where they have been living while they establish themselves here in Australia again. It's been incredibly busy but also lots of fun, and the kids are having a ball getting to know all their new cousins.

But despite the busyness of the week, I still managed to get some decorations up and get a cake on the table. This was a relief because even though I had prepared all the decorations the night before, I hadn't hung them up outside yet, so when Eadie woke up that morning she walked out expecting party decorations and instead saw nothing.. So she cautiously asked, "Where are all my party streamers?" to which I was happy to reply "Right here!" and then hang them up, much to her delight. :-)

I asked Eadie what kind of cake she wanted and of course she said, "A purple one with fairies on it". So we Googled 'fairy cakes' and lo and behold, the choice she had to choose from was huge. She thought she was in heaven. So as we were scanning them all, she suddenly said "Stop! I want THAT ONE!" Of course, it was one of the biggest ones there. And yes, it was purple. Very purple. And yes, it had two fairies on it. I am happy to say that after searching through my edible flowers stash I had almost every single flower I needed to create the masterpiece, phew! ;)

But it was also three tiers high, and this was a fancy cake for a little girl. I wondered if giving it to her as a fourth birthday cake was too much too young, but then I had the thought 'you know what? When she's 14 she will probably not even want a cake, just pizza or something, so I may'ze well make the most out of the years she actually does want me to be a part of her big day..' . And so Eadie's dream cake was created..

And yes, she loved it! :-)

It matched perfectly with the purple fairy theme she wanted, and she was so excited with the whole day. She received so many beautiful gifts and we were so happy that her Grandma and Grandpa Hunt were able to be here to celebrate it with her. It was a lovely day celebrating the birth of our gorgeous little girl Eadie with many family and friends.  She is certainly a personality to celebrate. Eadie is funny and sweet and kind. She forgives and says sorry, she treats others gently and tries hard to be obedient and helpful. She is so beautiful, inside and out, and the more I get to know her and learn more about her, the more I just adore her. I am so proud and happy to call her mine.

Happy Birthday to our little fairy girl Eadie!! 

How cute is she??? Spunky little fairy!!

Bon-bonaires for our fairy guests..


Fairy birthday girl...

Bubbles... of course!!

 Fairy wand making tables

Me and my three favorite fairies

So many awesome presents!! Thank you everyone!

Our fairy party table. Very purple, just as requested!!! Notice the flower bouquet Eadie chose herself??

Cousins and friends playing Pass the parcel :-)

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