Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Typical Day in the Life of Bel

So as I was looking at all the pics we have taken over the past four months, I came across lots and lots of just Anabel, being her usual self, doing her usual day-to-day thing. She is soooo hilarious, we all just adore her. She is as insanely crazy as she is irresistibly cute,and Juan, myself, and the girls can't get enough of her.

It's actually good thing she is so cute, because she is definitely my hardest and most infuriating child out of the three, and any person will tell you, they have all seen the varied sides of her personality that come out in full force at any time of the day or night. Even the mothers at school have seen her throw tantrums, just as much as the check-out chicks at Coles have seen her have one of her meltdowns. All family members have indeed seen them, and even innocent bystanders are not immune to the wrath that is Anabel when she doesn't get her way or when she wants to be heard. Just yesterday in Ikea we were in a crowded elevator and Anabel was putting on one of her tantrums and shaking the pram as hard as she could (yes, while sitting in it), for that minute she had decided that instead of asking to be let out of her pram she would demand in that manner instead, and I just had to make a joke out of it to appease the eight pairs of eyes looking at me wondering what I was going to do with the insane child. So I decided to just play it cool and joke "I don't know who that child belongs to..." and they all laughed with me as I hid my humiliation behind my 'care-free' smile.

Yep, she certainly gives us a run for our money. But then again, in some ways she is also the easiest baby in the world. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and she LOVES to make us all laugh. If we laugh at something she does one day, you can guarantee she will try and do it again the next day and the next, and wait for our applause again. She is caring and kind, she always asks if you are ok when you are hurt. She is soooo good at going to bed on time, and she loves to play games and with a big variety of toys. She loves to pay complements, and all day long I will hear things like "Mum, you look so pretty!" and "I just love you so much!" followed by a huge hug where she squeezes tight and says "Crunchy Monkey!" (we made it up together, haha). Oh, and her favorite song is Guy Sebastian's "Who's That Girl" which she insists on playing in the car as often as I will let her. No kidding, it can be 10 times a day, easy. More if we have errands out and about... ugh.. But, she is a special little one and we love her to bits.

Here are some snaps we've taken over the past few months. And I'm sure you're appreciating the fact that you can just enjoy her in these still cute pics instead of being forced to endure her tantrums and craziness in the flesh! (take our word for it! ;-)
This had never happened before, so I had to snap a pic!! She is very good with her sleeping pattern, even though naps are sometimes a little tricky, but this day she beat me to it, to my surprise!!

Happy snaps with mummy. She LOVES the camera and wastes my phone battery hour after hour walking around the house taking picture after picture of herself and others. But for the life of me I cannot get her to just SMILE. Instead she just says the word "Cheese", or lifts up her lip to show her teeth. Ugh!

She loves sitting in the trolley as I do the grocery shopping. This is often the end result. :-) 

One of her fave past-times. Shaving cream painting in the bath. It's a fun way to pass an afternoon indoors :-)

Anabel posing just like she sees her big sisters do. She turns her shoulders and separates her little feet to get 'just the right' model look. :-)

Bel loves water, but is afraid of it all at the same time. It took FOREVER for her to come around to liking the shower or the bath, so for her to want to go in a swimming pool like we were here, it was a HUGE step and we are very proud of her!!

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