Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gluten Free Girl

So it seems my sisters' pedantic concerns all these years for their kids and how they react to certain foods have proven to be correct - who knew?? Yep, I too am now a 'believer' when it comes to the Gluten Free craze sweeping the world. My little Eadie has showed us the difference that what we put into our bodies affects us in more ways than one.

It has been an amazing transformation watching Eadith go from having a sore tummy every day and feeling bloated and constipated, agitated and moody for months and then all within one week changing to a healthy, non-complaining, easy-going, happy little girl. Wow! I was so shocked, I wondered if it was coincidence, but didn't dare 'test' the theory. ;-)

Then, after a couple of weeks of keeping her on a gluten free diet, we let her have one piece of regular garlic bread with the family one night when we had visitors over for dinner, and sure enough, that night she had stomach pains, she was laying in her bed sub-consciously moaning all night, and her mood over the next two days was irritable and whingey. She had reverted back to the way she was before we made the changes, and we were so shocked to realise just how much the gluten was affecting her poor little body, and her personality.

Eadie has been sooo great on this new diet. She has totally adopted her new foods and she even says to people "Is it gluten free? I can only have gluten free", if they offer her any food. I am so proud of her, she is doing so great, and never complains about any of it. She has even said to me "Mum, my tummy isn't sore anymore, and I feel happy now!" That's my girl!!! :-)

My sisters have had their kids on gluten free diets for years, for multiple reasons, and they swear by it. But it was always 'something that they just did' until I saw how it worked in my own child's life. But now one thing is for sure, I'm glad I have my sisters' plethora of gluten free knowledge to fall back on :-)

And thank goodness they make Gluten Free Brownie mixes now!!! Yum!!

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