Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Juan!!

Juan is 33!!! Happy Birthday Babe!! This year Juan decided to have a low-key family night instead of .... wait a minute - Juan ALWAYS HAS A LOW-KEY FAMILY NIGHT!!! :-/

Yep, this year Juan again opted for his comfortable family do, in which he comes home from work, we sprinkle him with lots of love and attention, we eat his favorite meal all together, then we give him gifts as he devours whatever surprise cake I bake for him. He loves it like that, and you know what? Even though every year he turns down my offers to put on a fancy party with lot of friends and family, it's always a great night being all together.

This year I made him my first ever Crouquembouche, which is a French desert consisting of small pastry balls filled with creme patissiere, piled high onto a plate, and drizzled with delicious toffee all over it. Yes, it was as tricky as it sounds, but so delicious, its fame is certainly warranted

Juan loved it, as he did the gifts the girls made for him, and also the two shirts he got from me :-) He may not be the world's biggest party animal, but he certainly is our favorite dad and husband EVER. 

Happy 33rd Birthday Sweetheart! We love you!

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