Saturday, September 28, 2013

Vettoria's First Disco

Tori was sooo excited for her first every school disco for kids in Prep to grade three. She dressed in her favorite dress, we straightened her hair, I let her put on some lip balm, and off her and I went to the fun night. She was so excited to dance and have fun, and I couldn't wait to see her on that dance floor having a great time.

But then we arrived.... and suddenly our excited little girl had turned into a shy little girl... And despite my encouragement, this is all she wanted to do:

So after about 30 minutes of watching all her friends dance, she looked like this:

Sure, very pretty, but still not having much fun.  And then after about another 30 minutes, she stood up and to my delight we had moved from the chair, to this: 
Where she stood for about another 15 minutes before FINALLY stepping on to the dance floor and let herself have a good time. *Insert exasperated sigh here* 
Sheesh!! I didn't know whether to be thankful that she wasn't a natural 'party girl', or be embarrassed that my child was the only one in the entire room who wasn't 'having a good time'.  During the first hour I did the 'encouraging mother' but by showing her what to do, how to move (yes, it was as embarrassing as it sounds because it actually looked like I was having more fun at the Prep to Grade three disco than my six year old...), then I sat with her and tried to make it out as if being a wall flower was all part of the 'easing into it' plan; I then spent some time showing her how much fun her friends were having, and telling them to ask her to dance, etc, and I even bought her a glow in the dark ring which I was sure would get her in the mood. 

But, nothing was working until she decided after a good hour that she was now in the mood to get up and see what this disco thing was all about. And after standing on the sidelines watching for about 15 minutes, she saw some friends and followed them to a space on the floor. AND THE REST IS HISTORY! She had an absolute ball!!! I was so happy to see her dancing and having such a great time I almost had tears in my eyes. She just loved it. I took some snaps, but she was moving so fast they were pretty blurry. But here's the proof that she got out there and had fun:

The funniest part was when I called Juan after she said she didn't want to dance, and told him the situation. And his laughing words were, "Just like me!". Sooo true! Tori definitely gets her sour-puss-party-pooper streak from her dad. He'd rather sit on the sidelines for the first hour too. ;-) Love ya babe! x

But get this - on the way walking out to the car, Tori help my hand and looked up at me and said "Mum, that was really fun. Thanks for telling me to dance. I didn't want to at first, but I'm really glad I did. Next time if I say I don't want to dance, can you tell me to dance so then I'll have fun?" I promised I would, and we held hands and walked back to the car. True story. :)

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