Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcome Home Family!!

 It was a wonderful day when Sarah, her kids, and mum and dad returned home from America! It has been a few months since they returned, and they are now comfortably settled into their homes and their roles again as Grandparents to 16 kids (yikes!), and Sarah has even found herself the Love of her life. Within the first month of returning, who would have thought!?

Although they returned at the end of May, I'll try and fill you in as briefly but as thoroughly as I can in this little post as to their past goings-on. 

So, get this, mum and dad bought the Boland's old house that we actually used to rent off them when we first moved back from Tasmania. It was owned by Leah and Dan Phillips who were in the ward, and when they moved to America mum and dad bought it off them. It's weird but totally meant to be. It's like we have come full circle with that house. Plus it means they are living in front of their very dear friend's Geoff and Carmel Boland, so they will be able to retire happily living there with them as their neighbours. Also, they are in our ward, as are Sarah and her kids, which is great. Oh, and did I mention mum and dad have a pool?? Yay!!

Speaking of Sarah, she has found herself a cute little house for her and her four kids in the same suburb as all of us, so that is great. They were actually living with us for the first month upon return, while they were looking for a house to rent and getting themselves set up etc. It was of course fun, but so much more full on than I ever imagined (no wonder everyone I told said "are you insane?" to which I would always reply, "What? How bad can it be?" hehe. Anabel soon showed me how bad it could be. Grrr!!!)

While they were living with us we had the opportunity to see Sophie be baptised which was lovely. I made her a cake (designed 100% by herself, very proud!), and she even wore the same dress I wore at my baptism. It was very special. 

We also celebrated Lauren's Birthday which was also a fun event! Check out this pic I took of Lu (Lauren) at Vettoria's 6th birthday. haaaa I crack up EVERY time I look at it. Right??! She was trying to do a pretty model pose like her big sis Ava, but it kind of didn't turn out like that... And this is the best part... After I took it she said "Can I see it?" and while trying not to laugh too hard I showed her the pic. Face went from the look of "let me see! I bet I look beautiful!" to .... "Oh.." and she pretended to like it to save face, but really her expression said it all: "That is NOT as pretty as I imagined.." LOL I am STILL laughing at that moment. 

So Sarah is completely settled into her new life and into our Australian Op-Shops. And get this - she has a boyfriend! *Insert wolf whistle here* Its all very exciting and we are absolutely stoked for her. His name is Richard (Rich) and get this - According to mum and dad, that was going to be HER name if she was a boy. How weird is that?  Anyway, we all give our approval, and he makes Sarah so happy, so we are just waiting for the wedding bells now. I'll keep you posted ;-) 

Meanwhile, Sarah and I are told how much alike we look ALL the time. Even at shops where we both go, the shop keeper will see me in the morning and her in the afternoon and look at Sarah and say "Hello, you're back!" to which Sarah has to reply "No, that was my sister". At one shop where we were shopping at the same time, one man was trying to get past me as I apologised for blocking the pathway with my trolley, and then he looked from me to Sarah and back to me, and actually said the words "Oh, there's two of you!". LOL. I'm trying to let the fact that she is almost a decade older than me not affect my self esteem, but rather I am focusing on the fact that she looks a decade younger than she actually is, so therefore we both look like 31 years olds. Which is a total complement because I'm actually 32. Whoo hoo!  

Needless to say, life is better with everyone back in the same country - make that, State - Wait, make that same city.. No wait.. we are all living in the same suburb... Heaven help us! :-P

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