Friday, December 27, 2013

My Hair

The first awesome cut. I loved it!

Warning - this post contains a lot of 'selfies'! I know, we all do it but that doesn't make the fact any less humiliating, especially when there are so many of them in one post. But you'll understand why as you read.... Anyway, here goes...

So the title of this post is a little embarrassing, but frankly that's what this is about... My hair.  

Its been around 20 months since I last had my hair cut pixie short, and I can't believe how much it has grown in that time. I loved having it so short, but at the same time it was a lot more effort and upkeep with having to cut it practically every month if I wanted to keep the perfect 'look'. The pros however of having such short hair was the time saved in getting it ready, always having a cute, no-thought, pre-planned look to wear no matter what the occasion, and it hid any grey strands of hair on the top of my head with a simple strategically placed part. It gets rid of old, dead hair and lets you start from scratch; this was awesome for me as I've had to dye my hair because of grey strands since I was about 22 and the result was dry and unhealthy, so cutting it all off was pretty much a necessity. Another thing is that it accentuates your features. Everyone would comment on it wherever I went; how it made my neck look longer, my eyes brighter, my jaw-line sharper. That was awesome for a 32 year old mother of three to hear :-)

Trying a new color and experimenting
with a fringe. One very annoying thing
about growing out a pixie is that you have
so much hair at the front that you have
to do SOMETHING with. 
2nd cut - Loved it at first but it was cheap and as it
grew out it looked worse and worse..
 The cons? Well, the constant upkeep was expensive if you wanted a decent cut every month. So I was paying around $80 for a trim in order to get a cut that was going to look awesome as it grew out in the next month. I once paid $30 for a trim and although I loved it when it was done, by the end of the first fortnight it looked like I had been hacked with garden sheers. So it wasn't worth it to save $50 if that was what it was going to look like. But the unexpected shock of $80 a month on just your hair is lot of money to suddenly dedicate to yourself, especially when you go from a home-kit $22 hair-dye, and a brow wax being your only beauty cost every 6 weeks. Another con is that you can't change it. I know it's also a pro that you always have the 'go to' look, but for a person who is used to doing whatever she wants with her hair and who can pull off a lot of different hair styles, suddenly waking up to the same hair cut every single day can get annoying every once in a while. Having said that, most of the time I loved it. But sometimes you just wished you could pull your hair back into a tight bun, or have long wavy curls cascading down you back with that perfect outfit. With a pixie, that aint gonna happen. Ooh, speaking of perfect outfits, another con is that your wardrobe has to change with hair that short. Yep. One Sunday I put on one of my favorite outfits only to realise it DID NOT work with the new pixie cut. It was like I needed more hair to balance the floral skirt I was wearing, or something. Who knew it was my hair that was helping to make that outfit what it was?? :-/ Check out these looks over the past couple years.

Growing it out....Annoying,  but not as awkward a
I thought it was going to be...
At last, I can pull it back again!!! Kind of..
And now I can wear it however I want. Pretty cool, that.

Trying out new things with curling wands :)
Growing longer and longer.. at last!! 

I LOVE being able to pull my hair back into a tight bun again. 
I've even done the ol' puffy long bob thing
I actually like it, and seriously, it's so easy to do!!!
Anyway, I loved being pixie short and I will definitely be going that short again one day, after I've grown it all back out and get bored with doing nothing with it. Meanwhile, I can wear buns, curls, and any outfit I want.. So for now I'm  pretty happy. :-)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A house named Freckles

So the rumors are true - I've opened a Family Day Care!! 

I know it's insane, but yes it's true. As of next year I will have three extra kids in my care at least three days a week between 7:30-5pm, and I will be using my home as a day care centre. It's so weird, I NEVER in a million years imagined that this is what I would be doing at 32 with three kids of my own.

I have called the FDC "Freckles Family Day Care" and I'm totally excited about it. It's been a long preparation time as we are renting and so the process has taken longer than usual. I've done heaps of work for it and put in many hours of prep time. I'm required to complete a Cert III course in Child Services which will take me most of this year and so far I'm loving studying again, and I'm finding the subjects informative and enjoyable. I've added new toys and play areas, and the house I must say is more child-friendly and yet more child-proof than ever before. I have the words "Risk Management" going through my head now more than ever, LOL. The kids LOVE all the new toys, and Juan has been so helpful in getting things organised for it. We even made a huge sandpit out of an old queen bed base we were getting rid of. It's now blue and filled with sand and the kids spend hours out there together. I have a kitchen corner, a nature corner, a toy room, a cubby out side, a toy tree house inside, a tee pee which I made with my own two hands (yes, harder than it looks!) and all the necessary climbing/rocking/ball toys outside, etc. I'm quite proud of how it has all come together. I don't have a lot of pics so far, but here are a couple to give you an idea:

My cute tee-pee with matching pillows :)

The nature corner
The kitchen 'home' corner
And what's even cooler is that I already have three kids lined up for next year. It's all very exciting and I'm totally stoked to be officially running my own business, doing a profession where I can have Bel at home with me and also be able to drop off and pick up my kids from school every day, and also just to be earning money again. I'm also really looking forward to, this will sounds weird, but 'slowing down' my life and just spending my days focusing on one thing and taking time out to just be with the kids I'm looking after. Life has been so hectic lately, and even though I know it will still be full on this year as I'm technically 'adding' to my to-do list, but I will now also have the responsibility to simplify a lot of things, and just focus on looking after the kids in my care, and making sure they are safe and happy. Lately life has just been a mad rush of planning and going here and there and making things for people and saying yes to everything, etc, etc, etc. I wont be able to take on all those extra things as a business owner. Instead I'll have to dedicate my time to cleaning my house, planning child friendly activities, making lunches and snacks instead of just winging it every day, and really organising my time effectively. Exciting and scary all at once! 
Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile I'm just enjoying the holidays with my family and bracing myself for a brand new year that I know will be different than any before!!  :-)

Sarah's Married!!!!

I know, right? What the--??
Seems like they just arrived back in Australia only 7 months ago... Wait a minute, it WAS seven months ago!
I know, it sounds crazy, but my sister Sarah is married and the happiest I have ever seen her in her entire life. It's really all very wonderful and we are so incredibly happy for her. I'll give you the quick run down of the story for prosperity's sake, but I wont go into a lot of detail, otherwise it will take all day. But here's the deal.... while Sarah was in America she saw a pic of Rich online and thought he was worth looking into when she arrived. Get this, she arrives and they hit it off at a fireside. I know, it was insane. So he asks her out, and he happens to turn out to be the guy of her dream and she the woman of his. His name is Richard Mahler and he is divorced, a lawyer, at present studying psychology at uni, and  has two girls who live in Toowoomba with their mum (who actually look incredibly similar to Sarah's own children). They were engaged after like a month of dating or something, and before we know it, we're shopping for wedding dresses, planning wedding cakes, and then we're sitting at her wedding at Daisy Hill forest watching her walk down a boardwalk looking absolutely beautiful (in a dress I helped her pick I might add ;-) Because both of their church divorce papers haven't come through yet, and they can sometimes take years, the two opted to get married down the road in the tranquil, rustic environment of Daisy Hilly Forest and go to the temple as soon as they can. It was just perfect for them, despite the occasional tourist peeking over. :-)  A few weeks before, we held a gorgeous surprise Bridal Shower, decorated by Cassandra, Alisha and I, and of course I made the cake (!!) which thankfully turned out great, and then we did the same decorations for the wedding reception and it was again perfect. Here are the pics:


Rich was doing Movember, hence the beard. It went before the wedding, thank goodness! :-P


It was a perfect day. Sarah was ravishing and Rich was handsome. The look of love in their eyes is still there, and if it weren't for the four kids they live with I would swear they were love-struck teenagers. They just adore each other  and, in my professional opinion, they are perfect for each other. At last, my sister found the man of her dreams, The One. So very happy for you sis, much love, and congratulations!! xxx