Thursday, December 26, 2013

A house named Freckles

So the rumors are true - I've opened a Family Day Care!! 

I know it's insane, but yes it's true. As of next year I will have three extra kids in my care at least three days a week between 7:30-5pm, and I will be using my home as a day care centre. It's so weird, I NEVER in a million years imagined that this is what I would be doing at 32 with three kids of my own.

I have called the FDC "Freckles Family Day Care" and I'm totally excited about it. It's been a long preparation time as we are renting and so the process has taken longer than usual. I've done heaps of work for it and put in many hours of prep time. I'm required to complete a Cert III course in Child Services which will take me most of this year and so far I'm loving studying again, and I'm finding the subjects informative and enjoyable. I've added new toys and play areas, and the house I must say is more child-friendly and yet more child-proof than ever before. I have the words "Risk Management" going through my head now more than ever, LOL. The kids LOVE all the new toys, and Juan has been so helpful in getting things organised for it. We even made a huge sandpit out of an old queen bed base we were getting rid of. It's now blue and filled with sand and the kids spend hours out there together. I have a kitchen corner, a nature corner, a toy room, a cubby out side, a toy tree house inside, a tee pee which I made with my own two hands (yes, harder than it looks!) and all the necessary climbing/rocking/ball toys outside, etc. I'm quite proud of how it has all come together. I don't have a lot of pics so far, but here are a couple to give you an idea:

My cute tee-pee with matching pillows :)

The nature corner
The kitchen 'home' corner
And what's even cooler is that I already have three kids lined up for next year. It's all very exciting and I'm totally stoked to be officially running my own business, doing a profession where I can have Bel at home with me and also be able to drop off and pick up my kids from school every day, and also just to be earning money again. I'm also really looking forward to, this will sounds weird, but 'slowing down' my life and just spending my days focusing on one thing and taking time out to just be with the kids I'm looking after. Life has been so hectic lately, and even though I know it will still be full on this year as I'm technically 'adding' to my to-do list, but I will now also have the responsibility to simplify a lot of things, and just focus on looking after the kids in my care, and making sure they are safe and happy. Lately life has just been a mad rush of planning and going here and there and making things for people and saying yes to everything, etc, etc, etc. I wont be able to take on all those extra things as a business owner. Instead I'll have to dedicate my time to cleaning my house, planning child friendly activities, making lunches and snacks instead of just winging it every day, and really organising my time effectively. Exciting and scary all at once! 
Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile I'm just enjoying the holidays with my family and bracing myself for a brand new year that I know will be different than any before!!  :-)

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