Thursday, December 26, 2013

Halloween 2013

The girls were so excited to get ready for Halloween this year, and so was I! Leading up to it Eadie and Tori both told me who they wanted to be. Tori: Princess Leia, and Eadie: a Purple Princess. However I had no idea I would actually be making them myself! But, make them I did, and it all turned out to be very fun and, despite the obvious amature dress-making skills involved, they both came out pretty good.
Check these cuties out! 
Eadie as a Purpilicious Princess (Purpilicious is one of her favorite books about a brown haired little girl who loves purple.... sound familiar??). She requested a long, straight, shiny princess dress with a purple crown. Et voila!! She absolutely loves it, and wears it to the shops. :) 

Princess Leia - Tori thinks she's super cool, and I personally think this outfit rocks too. I happened to have that belt in my closet from a costume I wore once and it worked perfectly. And the gun? Well, I was fine to let her wear it with her costume, but somewhat ironically I don't allow it to be played with any other time. It remains on the top shelf of the closet and not in the costume accessories basket. As I've got three little girls, the 'toy gun' situation had never arisen so it was a weird situation to be placed in to have to suddenly make a decision about toy guns. And there you have it. Who knew? 

And who did the rest of us dress up as, you ask? 
Juan had to work so he didn't make it, but I'm sure he would have gone as his usual character - 'the person too cool to dress up'.. :-/ . Bel SAID she wanted to go as a cowgirl, like her favorite book character Spot the dog when he dressed up as a cowboy for a birthday party he attended. But on the day she made plans to throw a tantrum instead, and refused to wear anything I gave her. So she just sat in the pram eating candy. However, I managed to score this quick pic of her practicing the day before Halloween. Cutest. Cowgirl. Ever. 
Right???... Argh, it would have been so cute.... At least I got this pic..

And moi? Well I decided to follow Anabel's lead and go as something comfortable but distinguishable. And along with my two friends Megan and Caz, we rocked it :-) :

OK, so THEY rocked it, but hey, we all had a great time :-) Meanwhile here are some more cute pics of our kids: 

Eadie and Tori with Austin and Emilie 

My two little Halloween cuties

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