Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sarah's Married!!!!

I know, right? What the--??
Seems like they just arrived back in Australia only 7 months ago... Wait a minute, it WAS seven months ago!
I know, it sounds crazy, but my sister Sarah is married and the happiest I have ever seen her in her entire life. It's really all very wonderful and we are so incredibly happy for her. I'll give you the quick run down of the story for prosperity's sake, but I wont go into a lot of detail, otherwise it will take all day. But here's the deal.... while Sarah was in America she saw a pic of Rich online and thought he was worth looking into when she arrived. Get this, she arrives and they hit it off at a fireside. I know, it was insane. So he asks her out, and he happens to turn out to be the guy of her dream and she the woman of his. His name is Richard Mahler and he is divorced, a lawyer, at present studying psychology at uni, and  has two girls who live in Toowoomba with their mum (who actually look incredibly similar to Sarah's own children). They were engaged after like a month of dating or something, and before we know it, we're shopping for wedding dresses, planning wedding cakes, and then we're sitting at her wedding at Daisy Hill forest watching her walk down a boardwalk looking absolutely beautiful (in a dress I helped her pick I might add ;-) Because both of their church divorce papers haven't come through yet, and they can sometimes take years, the two opted to get married down the road in the tranquil, rustic environment of Daisy Hilly Forest and go to the temple as soon as they can. It was just perfect for them, despite the occasional tourist peeking over. :-)  A few weeks before, we held a gorgeous surprise Bridal Shower, decorated by Cassandra, Alisha and I, and of course I made the cake (!!) which thankfully turned out great, and then we did the same decorations for the wedding reception and it was again perfect. Here are the pics:


Rich was doing Movember, hence the beard. It went before the wedding, thank goodness! :-P


It was a perfect day. Sarah was ravishing and Rich was handsome. The look of love in their eyes is still there, and if it weren't for the four kids they live with I would swear they were love-struck teenagers. They just adore each other  and, in my professional opinion, they are perfect for each other. At last, my sister found the man of her dreams, The One. So very happy for you sis, much love, and congratulations!! xxx 

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