Sunday, June 29, 2014

Did I mention we have Guinea Pigs??

Yes, we are pet owners!! We have two adorable little piggies who the girls named "Cutie" (*insert eye roll here*) and "Diego". We bought them in early January and they have just been a great little pet. They are pure read Alpacca Guineas from a breeder, and they are just perfect for the kids at this age. They live in a wooden hut we bought for them off of Los Abuelitos next door neighbor (totally meant to be!), and during the day they play in a huge outdoor pen in the grassy backyard. The girls absolutely LOVE them, and they are never short of affection or attention. We did let them in the house (carried of course) up until recently when Juan got so sick of the little poo droppings, and I got so sick of the girls not respecting our rules to keep them off the couch, that we both agreed it was time to make them 'outside' piggies. Nevertheless, between the FDC and our adoring girls, the pigs are never short of attention. They play mummys and babies with them, they put them in the cubby house, walk them around, feed them, you name it. Anabel even pushes them in the toy pram! 

We have been very lucky that they are very tame and gentle and the girls have never had any issues with them. They are so patient with the girls who can often be very rough with the poor things, but it never ceases to amaze me how the guineas keep making their little purring happy sound even when the girls are playing with them in the oddest ways. It makes me wonder if maybe they really do just love playing being played with? Let's hope so, because they certainly get a good amount of it. Meanwhile, they have doubled in size since we got them and from the look of their daddy piggie when we picked them up, over the next year or two they may very well double in size again! Their dad was a show piggie, and he was HUGE. So I guess we'll see.. Meanwhile here's some cute pics to show you our little pets!! Oh, and btw, Juan and not touched them - not even once! He tolerates having them as pets to help teach the girls responsibility, etc, but he REFUSES to touch them or pick them up or feed them, etc. It's quite hilarious. :) 

Yes, that's yellow highlighter on poor Diego's nose!! "Anabel!!"
I think the piggies actually love it! Cutie will sit in there for hours and fall asleep! 

This was taken about a month ago... Getting bigger and bigger!

Day ONE of looking after our little guineas. Needless the say now that I know what I'm doing, the cage doesn't look quite so cluttered (or clean!) at the moment, but they are still very spoiled :-)

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