Saturday, June 28, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Anabel!

Although this happened about 3 months ago, I still can't believe my babiest girl is three!! How did that happen?? I still remember sitting in the hospital bed and looking  down at her in my arms. She has grown up so quick and so darn cute! However, she is definitely, without a doubt the hardest child we have had to raise so far. The terrible twos have taken us for a crazy spin, that's for sure. But upon reflection with Juan the other night, the bratty consequences all result because of my very own adoration of her (insert *wince* here). I know, but it's true! From the moment I saw her we became obsessed with each other. I swear to anyone that she was smiling at me as she was looking into my eyes the very day after she was born. She adored me from the moment she saw me, and I her. And that's how the trouble began. I had decided to persist through any problems and solely breastfeed Anabel unlike my other two, with whom I had a lot of complications and resulted in feeding formula for  both. I had also received advice about getting myself a sling to carry her around in so that I could prepare dinner, tend to the house, push Eadie in the single pram, do shopping and anything else I had to do, all while she was safely attached to me. It was supposed to promote confidence and independence later in life (*cough!*). Meanwhile, Whenever Tori and Eadie were playing together, which was a lot, I would spend time with just Bel, and we would laugh and canoodle and just be together. She wanted only me and I was happy to give myself over to her.  In fact, we all did. If she wanted something, both the girls, daddy, and I would jump to her every need. If I wasn't able to give it to her, one of her doting sisters would. And because she was refusing to be held or comforted by Juan or even grandparents during the first three months of her life (we are still not sure why..), I was often the one who would have to come and save the situation, hence resulting in more one on one time with me. Long story short, the result has had its effects, and we can now see that all of this attention, although derived from love, has caused Anabel to grow up with a sense of entitlement that what I want I can have, and when I want it I will get it. And if not, all hell will break loose. We have been working on this with her, of course, and with maturity and just a sweet personality, she is learning to be patient, respectful, and obedient. Having said this, she has natural adoring qualities that make her who she is, and that, is an absolutely delightful, sweet, funny, and just downright adorable little toddler. We still just adore her and everyone wants her cuddles and wants to make her laugh. It never ceases to amaze me how a child can be so hard to handle and so absolutely perfect all at the same time.  Such is 'Anabel'.


This year for her third birthday we did a Frozen theme, named after Bel's new favorite Disney move Frozen which has taken the child-world by storm. So I had fun making lots of things and doing what I could to make the day as fun as possible. And it came out great. Especially when she received her very own Olaf the snowman doll. Boy was THAT worth the $80 I hesitantly paid for! Long story, I had very few options, and it 'paid off' (pun intended) in the end. Anyway, I'll let the photos do the talking.

The most delish peppermint balls ever!

The snowflakes were so easy and a lot of fun to make. Not as hard as it looks!

Note: All of these lovely ladies have had their babies! James Hunt, Christian Easthope, and Emanuel Hurunui. Well done, and congrats girls! :-) 

It took her about 20 blows but with my help the candles finally went out!! 

She didn't stop screaming with excitement for at least 20 seconds, it was absolutely priceless! 

Mummy loves Anabel...x 

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