Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Eadith!

Eadie's birthday was back in May and  I feel terrible that I am only now putting it in here! We have just been so busy, but at last here it is. Eadith Indiana is five years old, wow! Where did that time go??
I am so proud of my little Eadith and how she has grown into an absolute dream little girl. Not only is she physically stunning but she is such a sweet, caring, lovable little thing, Juan and I often just look at her and then at each other and say "She's so cute/pretty/adorable!" When Eadith was younger she was quite a handful. We went through more than our fair share of tantrums, hitting anything and anyone, pushing, yelling, and crying debacles. But then when she turned 4 and went to Kindy, something changed. Maturity took over, and pretty much overnight she transformed into an agreeable, lovely sweetheart who rarely whinged, always said sorry, and instead of being the trouble maker, was everyone's friend.  Everywhere I went, people would comment about how lovely Eadith was. How adorable she is, how sweet she is, how pretty she is. And I haven't stopped hearing it since. I am so proud of her, she is so quick to forgive, no matter what the offence, she is humble and reserved like her dad, and she always tries her best and has a desire to be a good girl. Her prep teachers rave about her. They go out of their way to tell me the cute things she did that day or just how much they enjoy teaching her. We are simply so proud of our little Melon Head, Eadie MacGreedy. :-)

So celebrating her fifth birthday was an occasion to do something exciting for her. Instead of a party, she opted to go to Dreamworld with the family, something we had never done before. So we purchased year long tickets so we could do the same thing for Tori's birthday as well, and we went to Dreamworld for a big day of fun! And boy was it fun! The kids were in heaven! All of their favorite movie characters brought to life in fun toys and rides and adventures. We went from ride to ride, and even though we have been back three times since her Birthday, it is super fun every time. We also let her choose a present from the Fairy Shop, and made her a birthday cake and blew out the candles that night after a yummy dinner. It was a low-key party compared with the fancy do's we usually put on, but it was fabulous non the less and Eadie had a great time. While sitting together as a family during the day, we each told her three things we loved about her, and it was so nice to hear the comments her sisters made. Eadie sat there with a little humble smile on her face and I know it made her feel very special. We love you special girl, we are so proud of you! Happy 5th Birthday!

Anabel while watching the Madagascar LIVE show :-)


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