Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's back to school we go!

I can't believe I haven't written in so long! Time to fill you in with everything!!!
OK, let's start with the girls going back to school. I take that back... let's start with Tori going back to school, and Eadie starting school! Yep, I have TWO school girls now, how exciting!  They both looked absolutely adorable in their little uniforms and carrying their school bags, I just wanted to eat them up!

Anabel is still at home with me, and will be until next year when she goes to Kindy. Vettoria is in grade 1 - wow!! So far she is absolutely loving it. Being one of the oldest in the class, she is advanced in pretty much every area of curriculum and her teachers are very impressed with how easily she picks things up. She has outstanding results according to her report card, and the only issue that occasionally arises is the fact that she often chats with her friends sometimes while the teacher is talking (Hmm.. no idea where she could get that from..;-) but she always respectfully stops when asked. So apart from that inherited trait from moi, she is doing awesome and I'm very proud of her efforts and work. Great job Tori!

Eadie is one of the youngest in her class, so it has been a very different experience watching her progress this year. When Tori entered grade one, all of a sudden she was bringing books home and reading them out loud. Juan and I were like, "Whoah, you can read? When did this happen? Did you even have to practice this?" It was all very quick and, no joke, I never sat down with her and repeated words or even really sounded them out. They just fell out of her mouth as if she had always been reading. Eadith on the other hand, being so much younger has had to practice and make more of an effort with her work. And its been awesome to watch and be a part of! She is progressing so well, and at a beautiful pace. Her teachers often say  she is doing very well "for her age". This simply means she is not the quickest or the smartest in the class, but she is exactly where she needs to be for her age. We are so proud of the effort she is putting in. She is not afraid to try and practice and make mistakes. She asks for help and she tries every day to say something and read faster and do her best. Her teachers just rave about her, and it's not unusual for them to come up to me just to tell me how cute they think she is. She can now read a simple variety of books and has even given two talks in her primary class which she practices so hard and did such a great job for both. Eadie is also showing a lot of flare for art, and she has created some amazing pictures that not only look really cool but you can totally see what it is in great detail. I'm keeping all of my favorites both up for display and in a folder for her. She loves school and she has lots of friends and fans. Well done Eadie!

Anabel is so excited to start Kindy next year, she is sooo ready! I'm excited for her to start too! :-) She loves to learn new things and is already way ahead of the pack in things like puzzles and memory games, etc. She definitely has her dad's brain for maths, thank goodness, and I think she will show a lot of promise in science etc. But one thing that never ceases to make me laugh and also cringe, is her 'artistic abilities'. Her version of doing a painting is getting a piece of paper, getting some paint and a paintbrush and painting the ENTIRE page in that one color. It doesn't matter if she is doing aboriginal dot paintings using a cue tip, she will color the entire page and then grab another page and paint that in another color. It's ALWAYS a mess and it's NEVER the way the instructor intended the art to be. I learned this the hard way while doing FDC activities, and the FDC coordinators have also learned this at various activities they have had. No matter how many times I warned them, they didn't listen until they saw her in action. Painting with Anabel is a nightmare. End of story. But, like I said, she's exceptional at puzzles and memory games, so we'll focus on that and hope for the best. :-)

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