Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just like old times...

So the other night Juan and I attended our Stake Ball. So glad we made the effort to go, because a lot of our friends were there, and it was great to catch up. We also went out to dinner beforehand with friends Kara and Eli, and the night was just so great. We got to dance (and in a circle again, haha) with long time friends Sam & Emily and Eli & Kara, as well as Juan and I just with eachother, which never happens unless it's at home and the girls ALWAYS want to join in... ;)

 It was just lovely to be there with old friends who we hadn't danced with since we were all single in our pre-mission, pre-married days. At one point we looked around and said, "Wow, we're the grown ups here now!" and it reminded us how long we have all been in each others lives. It was almost surreal, but very fun to see us still hanging out and having a great time doing what we had done so many times before. Unfortunately there were a couple of members of the ol' gang who were unable to make it, but for those of us who did, it was a great night. 

Eli and Kara Pollard, Emily and Sam Alfred, and us.. 18 years later and still dancing the night away.. :-) 

I love when I have an occasion to wear this fabulous dress I bought from America when I was 19!! An oldie but a goodie!! :-) 

Mum and dad still glamming it up! :-)

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