Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Pathways...

I wonder how many kids I'll have with me by the time I graduate this one???
Anyone reading this who knows me will be convinced that I have A.D.D., and maybe you're right. :) But I feel as though I have been led to where I am and to the choices I am making at this time in my life, despite how crazy they may sound, and I bet by the end of my explanation you will also agree. :-)

The fact is, in one month I will be returning to University to start my Masters in Training & Development. (*insert excited little claps here!!*) I know, because I don't have enough going on in my life.. :-P 
But really, I'm sooo excited about it. And when I reflect on how this all came about, and how quickly it fell into place, I am just gobsmacked. It was as if a collection of little destined accidents just took over my life for a couple of days...

This is the story..
Since January I have been running my own business as a Family Day Care Educator. It has been a really great journey thus far and I am continually grateful for stay-at-home job where I can remain a full time mother and still earn decent money and look after my youngest child before she goes to kindy next year. I have also just completed my Cert III in Child Services which I have found really interesting. I am working 3 days a week and so far combining study and work is going well. But I always find myself looking to the future for when I plan to enter the Corporate Training world again. But I just never knew how to get back into it.. 

Then the other week I was at a birthday party chatting to a friend who was doing her Graduate diploma in Education. I mentioned how I had been thinking about getting mine too, in order to update my skills for when I entered the workforce once Bel was in Prep. She then warned me that the one year diploma was going to turn into a 2 year diploma as of next January, so I better get in now if I was going to do it. I ran home that day and jumped online. After researching the degrees available, I was convinced that I in fact didn't want to do a Grad Dip in Education, as I didn't really want to teach high school or primary school kids. I wanted to teach adults in a corporate or vocational environment. I then suddenly stumbled across something called the Graduate Certificate in Training & Development, a 6 month course I never knew existed. It was exactly the course I needed to do in order to make up for my lack of industry experience after being at home full time raising kids for 7 years. So I looked more into it, and then found out that the Grad Cert actually led into the Masters of Training & Development which was only a 1 year course (awesome!), but - get this - was changing over to a 2 year Masters as of next year! I was like "Wow, how lucky was I to have found this right now-- Cut offs are the end of the next month!" Plus it was at Griffith University where I graduated with my Bachelor of Commerce so I felt comfortable with the school and its programs. 

I've always planned to do a Masters degree, but I had no idea they had one in the exact arena I want to work. Griffith is actually one of only two universities that offer the degree, it was amazing I even stumbled across it. Plus, I wasn't planning on doing my Masters for another year or so, but if I didn't apply now, I would be stuck doing a pat time Masters over four years... And I began to wonder... maybe it's the right time now??

So I called a company with whom I had a contract as a Corporate Trainer just before I found out I was pregnant for the first time back in 2006. They were the epitome of what I wanted to be, and I called them and asked if this Masters would make up for my lack of industry experience since having children. The CFO was convinced that it was the best decision I could make for my career, as it showed a seriousness to re-enter the profession and I would be entering again with newly updated skills and a professional academic qualification that many of the trainers actually didn't have.. Perfect!

Looking forward to wearing that heavy hat again!
So, after discussion with Juan and a lot of thinking, I applied, got in, and have enrolled to start for July 28th! So excited to study at uni again, I always loved it, and I can't wait to start something that will really help me in establishing a solid pathway for a career in the future. Plus, the classes are all in the evening, so I will still be able to work during the day! For the moment yes, I will still continue with the FDC, as I can adjust it if necessary, another bonus about my little business. 

I was walking around the uni campus with Anabel the other day, and remembering that I was pregnant half way through my commerce degree with Vettoria, and then pregnant with Eadith while completing my last class before graduation, and now doing my Masters I was walking hand in hand with Anabel... Hmm... I wonder who will be with me by the time I graduate this one? :-P haha.. I'll keep you posted :-)

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