Sunday, November 30, 2014

Montes Camping Adventure #1

So we did it! We are officially a 'camping' family! We did it all; we had a bonfire, we made a portable toilet - eek!- that actually WORKED, and we roasted marshmallows. It was wonderful. The first night there I felt something so unique and wonderful... I felt at 'one' with nature, totally organic, and completely content with so little. Even not wearing a single drop of makeup nor showering for three days was totally liberating (But oh how lovely it was to shower on day three!!). Kids with dirt-smeared faces was a joy to behold, and wearing the daggiest of 'bush-wacker-I-don't -mind-if-these-get-grubby' clothes was pretty fun. It all was an awesome, carefree feeling.

We went away for three nights and had a great time. We sat around the bonfire roasting marshmallows and sharing embarrassing stories from the mission and our childhoods. The girls kept on saying "This is just like the movies!" They absolutely loved it.

The place we went was a three hour drive away (next time we wont make it so far away), in a land called Gordon Country. It was very hot, by day two was very crowded, and very pretty. We slept in the one tent, but separate rooms and were very comfortable all night. We stayed for three nights, and we look forward to going for longer next time. The river was very low due to the hot summer with no rain, but the kids still had a great time, despite Tori experiencing her very first leech, eek!

We even took the guinea pigs with us and made them a little pen for the daytime and put them in their portable hutch for the nighttime. We also played badminton, went hiking looking for waterfalls (they had dried up, haha), rock-pool jumping, the kids went 'swimming', and did other fun activities. We had a ball, and it was great for Juan and I to get away. We are looking forward to our next camping getaway a little closer to home. Meanwhile, here are some pics form our trip - enjoy!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Princess Profile

Name: Anabel Montes
People call me: Bel
Age: 3
Next year I will be in  - Kindy
Class at Church - Nursery - mummy is my teacher
Friends at church - Emily, Gemma and my cousins, Hamo, Cooper and Jacob
What is my favorite food - Icypoles and ice cream and cupcakes and watermelon and water
Who do I like to play with? "Livi" (Olivia)
My favorite dinner that mummy makes - Sausages with potatoes. But not the vegies :-/
My favorite take-away food is -  KFC chippies and Juice boost
My favorite dessert - chocolate
Things that make me happy - when I eat food and play with Livi
Things that make me sad - When I get in trouble :(
My favorite TV show - Mr Maker
My favorite game to play with my sister - Shops
Reasons I love:
Eadie - she plays with me
Tori - "she marries me!" ?? :-/
Mummy - I give mummy a hug
Daddy - I give daddy a hug as well
My favorite person in the whole world is - Tori because she is a "pumpkin" :-/
I love church because - of my friends
I get scared when - I get stories in my eyes when I sleep (bad dreams)
I get excited when - I smile
I love it when - I go and play with my friends
My best day ever would be - walking with my friends in the city and we would eat chips and KFC but not burgers.
I feel happy because - I love mummy :-) (aawww!)

Princess Profile

Name: Eadith Montes
People call me: Eadie
Age: 5
Grade: Prep
Friends at School - Ellie, Alex, Ella-Rose, Corbin, James, Jethro, Gurleen and Kealey
My favorite subject at school - Art
Class at Church - CTR 5
Friends at church - Yvette, Cassia, Shamois and all my cousins
My favorite thing to do when I have nothing else to do: Play games with my sisters
My Favorite TV Show - Peppa Pig
My favorite Dinner that mummy makes - "Basketti" (Spaghetti Bolognaise)
My favorite Take-away food - Hot Dogs
Favorite Dessert - Icy poles
My favorite game to play with my sisters - Shop keepers
Reasons why I love:
Tori - she is nice to me
Anabel - She is funny
Mummy - she is nice
Daddy - he is funny
My favorite person in the whole world is - My Mummy :-)
I enjoy going to church because - we learn about the Holy Ghost
I get scared when - I go on scary rides at Dreamworld
I get excited when - It's my birthday!
I don't like it when - people be mean to me
I love it when - people show love
My best day ever would be - I wake up and we eat pancakes! Then we set up a party for me and then people would come and celebrate my birthday and we would play games and then we would have cake and some food, and then we do the presents. Then at night we would go out to dinner and I sleep with my sisters in my bedroom and we stay up and talk to eachother all night. :-)
I feel happy because - I have a family that loves me.

Princess Profile

Name: Vettoria Montes 
Name people call me: Tori
Age: 7
Grade: 1
School: Chatswood Hills Primary School
Favorite Subject: Computers
Friends at school: Mia, Taylor, Abby, Mia C, Leticia
Class at Church: CTR 6 & 7
Friends at Church: Storm Olivia, Isabelle and especially my cousins
Favorite thing to do when I have nothing else to do: Play with my sisters and play computer games
Favorite TV Show - Splat-a-Lot
My favorite dinner that mummy makes: Quiche
My favorite take-away meal - KFC
Favorite Dessert - Bread with jam and cream ( A Hunt family tradition handed down three generations!)
Things that make me happy: Getting to stay up late, Hanging out just me and mum, lollies, playing with my friends/cousins, swimming.
My favorite game to play with my sisters: Coloring
Reasons why I love:
Eadie - Because she is funny
Anabel - Because she is cute
Mummy - Because she looks after me
Daddy - Because he plays with us
My favorite person in the whole world is - my mum :-)
I enjoy going to church because - We learn about Jesus
I get scared when - I have to speak infront of people
I get excited when - We go to Dreamworld
I don't like it when - we are late
I love it when - It's Christmas!
My Best Day Ever would be: Waking up and eating pancakes with syrup, chocolate sauce and cream, then mummy curls my hair and we go shopping for new clothes. Then we all go to Southbank and we would swim and go on the ferry and eat Subway. Later we would all go to a movie and I would get my own popcorn and lollies. Then at night I would get to stay up as late as I wanted and watch TV with mum and dad. I would watch Masterchef and The Block. Then I would get to sleep in mummy's bed ALL night listening to Walt Disney music.
I feel happy because - I have a family. 

Our Speedy Little Runners

I'm the proud parents of TWO champions! :-D
OK, so that's a slight exaggeration, but hey, both my girls came first place in both of their school 75m dash races, so I'm one excited mummy here! As usual, I stood on the sidelines screaming my little heart out and loving every minute of watching my girls achieve their young girl dreams.
The two went into it both with differing feelings of anxiety.... Tori was afraid she "wouldn't win this year" (she's a "what if-" kind of gal), and Eadie went into it not even imaging that she could win, but was more concerned with "what if I can't run it?"
To be honest, my fear was that Eadie would win and then Tori would be sad because she wasn't a 'winner' too, and that Tori would win and then Eadie would be upset because "she knew that would happen". So I went into it pretty anxious myself! :-/

They divide the grades up into four or five groups from a variety of classes and then the group runs. Each class had to wear the colors of a different country, Eadie was Canada and Tori was Jamaica, hence the weird running costumes :)

Eadie's group ran first. I was so excited! It was the first time she had competed for anything, so I had no idea what to expect. Well, the gun went off and so did I ! She ran and ran as fast as her little legs could carry her, and before we knew it she was well in front of everybody! She looked around her and noticed she was winning and there was a huge smile on her face. I kept screaming "Keep going Eadie! You're winning! Keep going!" Seriously, with Eadie there's always that possibility that she will run straight over to me and say "I'm winning mum, are you watching?" as every other kids goes past her... So, I did my motherly duty and just kept yelling "Keep going! Keep running!" to remind her it wasn't over! And she won! Such an exciting moment. But the best part was after she received her ribbon and gave me a hug and looked up and me and said "I didn't even know that I could run, and I won the race!" She was the happiest kid in the world :-)

Next came Tori. She was so nervous, as she is with anything where she is asked to perform. Suddenly, the gun went and off she ran! She sped along and I thought she had it in the bag, but another runner was keeping up with her and so all I could do was scream "go go go! You can do it!" and hope she heard me. I was clicking pics along the way and to be honest as they crossed the finish line I couldn't actually tell whether she or the other girl won. It wasn't until she walked over to me with a blue ribbon and I had a look at the photo I took that I realised she had actually won! She fought for it and she won! That's my girl!! SUCH an exciting day for me.

Ahhh..... Such is the life being a mother of little winners ;-P haha. Seriously, well done girls, you fought hard and did a great job, I am super proud of you both! xxx

And here's to next year wen we kick butt again! "Whoot Whoot!" (no pressure...)  ;-)