Friday, November 28, 2014

Princess Profile

Name: Anabel Montes
People call me: Bel
Age: 3
Next year I will be in  - Kindy
Class at Church - Nursery - mummy is my teacher
Friends at church - Emily, Gemma and my cousins, Hamo, Cooper and Jacob
What is my favorite food - Icypoles and ice cream and cupcakes and watermelon and water
Who do I like to play with? "Livi" (Olivia)
My favorite dinner that mummy makes - Sausages with potatoes. But not the vegies :-/
My favorite take-away food is -  KFC chippies and Juice boost
My favorite dessert - chocolate
Things that make me happy - when I eat food and play with Livi
Things that make me sad - When I get in trouble :(
My favorite TV show - Mr Maker
My favorite game to play with my sister - Shops
Reasons I love:
Eadie - she plays with me
Tori - "she marries me!" ?? :-/
Mummy - I give mummy a hug
Daddy - I give daddy a hug as well
My favorite person in the whole world is - Tori because she is a "pumpkin" :-/
I love church because - of my friends
I get scared when - I get stories in my eyes when I sleep (bad dreams)
I get excited when - I smile
I love it when - I go and play with my friends
My best day ever would be - walking with my friends in the city and we would eat chips and KFC but not burgers.
I feel happy because - I love mummy :-) (aawww!)

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