Friday, November 28, 2014

Princess Profile

Name: Vettoria Montes 
Name people call me: Tori
Age: 7
Grade: 1
School: Chatswood Hills Primary School
Favorite Subject: Computers
Friends at school: Mia, Taylor, Abby, Mia C, Leticia
Class at Church: CTR 6 & 7
Friends at Church: Storm Olivia, Isabelle and especially my cousins
Favorite thing to do when I have nothing else to do: Play with my sisters and play computer games
Favorite TV Show - Splat-a-Lot
My favorite dinner that mummy makes: Quiche
My favorite take-away meal - KFC
Favorite Dessert - Bread with jam and cream ( A Hunt family tradition handed down three generations!)
Things that make me happy: Getting to stay up late, Hanging out just me and mum, lollies, playing with my friends/cousins, swimming.
My favorite game to play with my sisters: Coloring
Reasons why I love:
Eadie - Because she is funny
Anabel - Because she is cute
Mummy - Because she looks after me
Daddy - Because he plays with us
My favorite person in the whole world is - my mum :-)
I enjoy going to church because - We learn about Jesus
I get scared when - I have to speak infront of people
I get excited when - We go to Dreamworld
I don't like it when - we are late
I love it when - It's Christmas!
My Best Day Ever would be: Waking up and eating pancakes with syrup, chocolate sauce and cream, then mummy curls my hair and we go shopping for new clothes. Then we all go to Southbank and we would swim and go on the ferry and eat Subway. Later we would all go to a movie and I would get my own popcorn and lollies. Then at night I would get to stay up as late as I wanted and watch TV with mum and dad. I would watch Masterchef and The Block. Then I would get to sleep in mummy's bed ALL night listening to Walt Disney music.
I feel happy because - I have a family. 

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