Friday, November 28, 2014

Princess Profile

Name: Eadith Montes
People call me: Eadie
Age: 5
Grade: Prep
Friends at School - Ellie, Alex, Ella-Rose, Corbin, James, Jethro, Gurleen and Kealey
My favorite subject at school - Art
Class at Church - CTR 5
Friends at church - Yvette, Cassia, Shamois and all my cousins
My favorite thing to do when I have nothing else to do: Play games with my sisters
My Favorite TV Show - Peppa Pig
My favorite Dinner that mummy makes - "Basketti" (Spaghetti Bolognaise)
My favorite Take-away food - Hot Dogs
Favorite Dessert - Icy poles
My favorite game to play with my sisters - Shop keepers
Reasons why I love:
Tori - she is nice to me
Anabel - She is funny
Mummy - she is nice
Daddy - he is funny
My favorite person in the whole world is - My Mummy :-)
I enjoy going to church because - we learn about the Holy Ghost
I get scared when - I go on scary rides at Dreamworld
I get excited when - It's my birthday!
I don't like it when - people be mean to me
I love it when - people show love
My best day ever would be - I wake up and we eat pancakes! Then we set up a party for me and then people would come and celebrate my birthday and we would play games and then we would have cake and some food, and then we do the presents. Then at night we would go out to dinner and I sleep with my sisters in my bedroom and we stay up and talk to eachother all night. :-)
I feel happy because - I have a family that loves me.

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