Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy 65th Birthday Grandpa!

My dad's 65th birthday was this month, and my mum held a big party at their house to celebrate. All of my dad's closest friends were there and it was a lovely time.

It's quite strange seeing my parents get older. I am noticing things about their personalities that I had never noticed before. My dad is a quiet man, and quite reserved. Although throughout my childhood, those are the last words I would have used to describe him. To me, he was always hilariously funny, witty, and seemed to be very social and outgoing. I see this now as it really was, which is, that he was not so much 'social' as 'busy' with church callings and always helping others. And he wasn't so much outgoing, as he was just basically 'a great dad' who wasn't afraid to speak up whether at church or elsewhere, and stood for what was right no matter what. He was the dad who, when at a daddy-daughter activity at school, participated with all the kids in the softball game, instead of standing on the sidelines talking about sport with every other dad. And even though the memories I have were often him running late, it was ALWAYS because he was helping someone else. I remember one time we were meant to leave on my first daddy-daughter date and he was late; it must have been at least half an hour. I was waiting anxiously, all dressed up and ready to go, and even mum was getting worried. Finally he came home, and told us how he was driving back along the freeway on his way home, and he passed a woman who's car had broken down. He of course, had stopped to help her, and he had to drop her off somewhere well out of the way before continuing on his journey. Once he came home he had a long stemmed red rose and he handed it to me and offered me his arm and walked me out to the car for our first ever daddy-daughter date. As a ten year old I was so emotional, I think I began crying with overwhelming love and excitement. We chatted and laughed as we ate icecream together, and I felt his undivided attention. He made me feel like a princess who deserved the absolute best. He was a wonderful father and he still is.
Happy 65th Birthday dad, much love to you. xxx

P.S. Yes, I made the cake according to mum's design skills. And no, the car is not edible ;)

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