Monday, January 26, 2015

It's back to school we go!!!

It's back to school time already! The holidays have been awesome this year, and I can honestly say the time has flown by and went way too fast. We have had so much fun just hanging out, mucking around, and enjoying being around eachother. The girls have all played so well together, I have been so proud of them. But, it's time...

This year Tori has moved up to year two and Eadith, I can't believe it, is in year one! They both look so cute in their uniforms, I just want to eat them up. And Anabel, well, since we started her a week early, it was just enough time for her to decide she hates kindy and doesn't want to ever go back again.... Yep! Our stubborn little girl has decided to put up a fight every time its a kindy day, and then, on the other days, she complains about the next day being a kindy day... The days - and nights - are getting longer and longer with this little girl, I'm sorry to say... time will tell; I'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, check out these cute-as pics of my babes on their way to the first day of school, 2015. These are the pics we will love looking back on... and I'm already feeling sentimental about them... *insert sigh here* ...  :(

Splashing Good Times!

After a heavy rain the girls and I love nothing better than hitting the bike reserve and splashing in the awesome puddles. Check out these cute pics:

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Loving Our Little Piggies

The girls are still obsessed with their adorable little guinea pigs, Cutie and Diego, who are now one year old. They treat them like their children, and the pigs just squeak away in delight as they are cuddled and carried around the house or pushed in the toy pram. To this day, Juan still has not touched or patted them, true to his word. The pigs are to him what a snake would be to me.... so I am very grateful that, despite his dislike for rodents of any kind, he appreciates the value they add to the kids lives and allows the kids and I to continue loving them as we do. I'm still the one who feeds and bathes them, but I don't mind, I'm a 'pet person' so I'm happy to do it. And the girls play with the pigs every single day, so I don't have to worry about them lacking in attention. I took some snaps of the girls with their babies so we don't forget how cute they are. Check out the one of Eadie rubbing Cutie's tummy. Cutie just lays back and lets her scratch away with a big grin on his face as he squeaks in delight and satisfaction, totally still for ages. She carries that pig everywhere, they just adore eachother. Overall, they have been wonderful first pets, and  I highly recommend them :)  Enjoy these cute pics!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kindy Girl Alert!!

Guess who's off to kindy?? Anabel Joy! I can't believe she's old enough to spend the day without me.... :-( Lots of mixed emotions... excitement, sadness, melancholy and relief all mixed into one ball of nerves.. Meanwhile, she is super exited and we are all anxious to see how this experience goes for her. I have her enrolled in a long day care kindy program rather than the same C&K kindergarten facility as Tori and Eadie, as I wanted the flexibility of when to drop off and pick up. Plus, I'm starting her a week earlier than the other girls at school so we can get any 'teething' issues out of the way. So, we'll see how it goes! Meanwhile, how cute is my baby girl???

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My bangs are back!

During my monthly hair dye I randomly decided to chop myself a fringe. So voila, here it is! I had one for the first 15 years of my life, so it feels so familiar. I absolutely love it, so I plan on keeping it for a while. :)