Friday, February 27, 2015

School Disco - Term 1

So the first term disco is on, and as it's Eadith's first ever, she is absolutely stoked to go! Vettoria has never been a huge fan of dancing, but rather she's more excited to go and see her friends, and ends up dancing with them later in the night (and by night I mean between the hours of 4pm-6pm, haha). 

Eadith however, she can't wait to go and shake her little tail feather. It's a part of who she is. She constantly walks around the house dancing and twirling. Even when she's not walking, her arms are lifting in poses and stretches. I call her a 'free spirit', and that she is... often off with the 'fairies', doing her own thing, thinking her own thoughts... Such a sweetheart. Of course, when we arrive at school and she doesn't have her shoes on nor her bag with her, despite telling everyone three times to do it, yah, the word 'free spirit' is not going through my mind... :-/

Meanwhile, it's off, off to the disco we go! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Battle of Wills

So Anabel is still choosing to dislike kindy. I say 'choosing' because that's how she works. She makes a choice about whether she wants to enjoy something, and then she stubbornly sticks to it at all costs. I am sure, for example, if I bribed her with a lollie every time she went, then she would choose to enjoy going to kindy and that would be the end of it. It's the same with eating her dinner. She one day decided she didn't like spaghetti bolognaise, and refused to eat it until the day I said "you wont get any garlic bread until you eat your bolognaise", at which she considered the option, weighed up the pros and cons, and then proceeded to put the spaghetti in her mouth and saying the word "Yum! I love this now. This is sooo yummy!" not realising I could see her gag reflex monitoring she thought otherwise...  But still, she now claims to love spag bog because she made the choice she does. 

And so it is with kindy. Despite having a fine time once she is there, she has decided that she doesn't like it and would rather not go. I am just so over the constant arguing and debating every single morning trying to get her ready, and then every single night before bed. She only goes three days a week, but she is just miserable. So, today we tried a different technique. 

"OK Anabel", I said "You don't have to go to kindy today, but you will have to stay in your bed all day long. No playing, no fun, no toys. Just laying in your bed and that is all. How do you feel about that?"
"That's ok, I'll do that". :-S And so it began. I had the plan that she would get so bored after about an hour of doing absolutely nothing, that I was convinced she would be at kindy by 10am. 

I was wrong. Anabel stayed in that bed ALL. DAY. LONG.

She just layed there, cute as could be, staring at nothing. 

At one point I came in and she was tossing a book up in the air and catching it - while laying down. Of course, I took the book away and reminded her that there was 'no fun playing with books either', and she continued to lay there, just looking and entertaining herself. She would occasionally have a rest and then wake up and entertain herself again. 

Stubborn. Little. Cutie!! 

There was one hour when an old FDC friend came around with her son on a spur of the moment visit, and I let Bel come out and play during that time, mostly out of pity for little Lucas who wanted some entertainment, but apart from that, and eating her lunch, she stayed in that bed the entire time. I'm not sure what will come of this kindy debacle, but one thing I do know, we have one stubborn little girl on our hands.

Juan thinks she gets it from me, but I absolutely refuse to believe that..  ;-) 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Look what I got!!!

Look what I got in the mail.... my new business cards!! Very exciting! Even though I'm still in the ground phase of the business I, of course, got a little ahead of myself and  went ahead and designed my business cards and logo. 

After going through a truck load of logo designs, getting opinions from everyone, and researching effective layouts and psychological corporate color preferences, I chose my own theme and, with the help of a graphic designer, I gave him my idea and we just ran with it. I'm absolutely stoked with the design and quality, and I couldn't be happier with the result. 

Its feeling more and more exciting now that I have a physical element to show off of all the hard work I'm putting in, in my brain and on the computer. I still plan on finishing my masters before I start working, or at least before I implement a marketing campaign, so there's a lot of work to go yet, but I'm definitely on my way. How exciting!!! :-D