Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"The Call"

So, I got it. I got... "THE CALL!" 

What call, you ask?

The call that every mother must receive at some point during motherhood... the call from the school explaining that their child has "fallen off the monkey bars" and may have broken her arm. 

How. Exciting!! :-D

I of course, in all my dramatic mother glory, ran down to the school as quickly as I could, and breezed through the office doors declaring, "Is she ok? What happened?" as caring and yet, with just a hint of worried concern, as you do...

It was as I suspected... swinging from bar to bar, Tori accidentally slipped and down she fell, her wrist breaking her fall, and possibly her bones along with it... I held her tightly as we walked to the car to drive to the hospital, feeling very 'mummy-like' in this very 'mummy-moment'. 

Why on earth would I make such a big deal about this, you ask? Well, it's for this reason... I have never had a broken bone (unless you count the time while at university in Utah when I came off a longboard straight onto the asphalt with my face, which caused a hairline fracture down my nose... see? Not quite the same thing...). 

I used to watch kid after kid go through primary and highschool with broken arms in casts, broken legs with crutches, broken fingers without pens, and broken toes without shoes. And oh how I longed for my own broken bone... but it never came. 

Well, at last it did! Even though it's not my own bone, I am now amidst the mothers who can haphazardly say "Oh, I know what you mean... my daughter also broke her wrist of the monkey-bars", shaking my head with that knowing smile only a mother who's child has broken a bone can give... 

Yep, thanks for Vettoria, I've made it. Meanwhile, she's loving all the attention at school, AND she gets to do most of her class work on the computer, which is a dream come true for her. High fives all around! Well... you know what I mean... ;) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Day at the Ballet

The girls were invited to Olivia's 5th birthday party held at a local ballet studio. It's a great idea for a little girl party, as the girls get their hair and makeup done, they put on a tutu and they are instructed in the art of ballet. It was a dream come true for my three :) 

I have always said that if the girls want to do ballet then I am perfectly fine with it and I'm happy to support, it however, if they watch a movie or attend a ballet party and walk away asking to do it, but then don't ask again within a 6 month period of time, I assume it was a temporary fad and they have no 'real' desire to do it. And so it has been since the girls were born. Although they love the idea of it, they ask about it only when they are reminded, and hence I haven't gone to the effort to book three little girls in (and pay for it) for weekly ballet lessons when they aren't begging for it in the first place. But hey, ready and waiting for when the real interest shines through :) 

Meanwhile, they loved this party, and I loved watching them in their little outfits parading and prancing and pointing their toes. Sooo cute. Check it out:

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Anabel!

I can't believe my baby is four! She is getting so big, so fast... Ahh... melancholy moment..... :-(
*insert sigh here*

ANYWAY, her party went beautifully. This year she was old enough to look through the internet herself and pick out a cake she wanted me to make. She knew she wanted a Peppa Pig theme, so I ran with it and found one that she loved. It looked doable, so I gave it a go and was happy with how it came out, and she was ecstatic which was my main goal :)

She had a great party filled with lots of cousins and friends. We made marshmallow piggies and had the traditional pinata.We are now fully stocked with Peppa Pig toys galore, and she couldn't be more excited about them all! She sleeps at night surrounded by a truck load of soft toys, including ones from her birth, and all birthdays until now, and now we have added three soft Peppa pigs to the collection. Very cute :)

UNFORTUNATELY we can't seem to locate all the pics we took of the happy day, so I only have a couple of the cake from my phone.. I'll keep looking for them, but until then, I've added some pics of Anabel during this year to enjoy :)

Happy birthday to our sweet little big four year old baby girl, we love you! xxx

The finished result
Getting the preparations ready
Not a bad replica of the cake chosen by Bel online
One of our cute little marshmallow piggies. As yummy as it was cute!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Car Snaps

Anabel and I arrived at Costco too early one day and we had some fun taking snaps in the car while we waited. They actually came out pretty good, so I thought I'd add them to our family journal :) 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!!

So, I am officially 34... that's crazy! It makes me think of this funny quote, which fits my feelings exactly:

My birthday came and went in a flurry of fun and gifts. I spent it mostly with the girls and Juan and to my delight he once again surprised me with a day off work, and an awesome electronic gift! This year it was a new mobile phone which I'm still wrapping my head around... I feel myself getting to 'that age' where it takes me ages to figure out what all the 'new fandangle' buttons and devices are for, haha. But I love it nevertheless. I also received many adorable hand-drawn gifts from the kids, as well as some gorgeous new clothes and of course, breakfast in bed. I have been VERY spoiled :) Juan gets better and better with age at gift giving, it great! :) 

The girls decorated a beautiful pavlova for me - all by themselves! They were very proud and it tasted delicious. I'm excited to see what this 34th year of life brings me. Life is very full between family life and doing my masters, but I'm thoroughly enjoying both at the moment, and I consider myself one of the most blessed people on the planet. Much love to  you all, thank you for being a part of my life :)