Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Anabel!

I can't believe my baby is four! She is getting so big, so fast... Ahh... melancholy moment..... :-(
*insert sigh here*

ANYWAY, her party went beautifully. This year she was old enough to look through the internet herself and pick out a cake she wanted me to make. She knew she wanted a Peppa Pig theme, so I ran with it and found one that she loved. It looked doable, so I gave it a go and was happy with how it came out, and she was ecstatic which was my main goal :)

She had a great party filled with lots of cousins and friends. We made marshmallow piggies and had the traditional pinata.We are now fully stocked with Peppa Pig toys galore, and she couldn't be more excited about them all! She sleeps at night surrounded by a truck load of soft toys, including ones from her birth, and all birthdays until now, and now we have added three soft Peppa pigs to the collection. Very cute :)

UNFORTUNATELY we can't seem to locate all the pics we took of the happy day, so I only have a couple of the cake from my phone.. I'll keep looking for them, but until then, I've added some pics of Anabel during this year to enjoy :)

Happy birthday to our sweet little big four year old baby girl, we love you! xxx

The finished result
Getting the preparations ready
Not a bad replica of the cake chosen by Bel online
One of our cute little marshmallow piggies. As yummy as it was cute!

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