Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"The Call"

So, I got it. I got... "THE CALL!" 

What call, you ask?

The call that every mother must receive at some point during motherhood... the call from the school explaining that their child has "fallen off the monkey bars" and may have broken her arm. 

How. Exciting!! :-D

I of course, in all my dramatic mother glory, ran down to the school as quickly as I could, and breezed through the office doors declaring, "Is she ok? What happened?" as caring and yet, with just a hint of worried concern, as you do...

It was as I suspected... swinging from bar to bar, Tori accidentally slipped and down she fell, her wrist breaking her fall, and possibly her bones along with it... I held her tightly as we walked to the car to drive to the hospital, feeling very 'mummy-like' in this very 'mummy-moment'. 

Why on earth would I make such a big deal about this, you ask? Well, it's for this reason... I have never had a broken bone (unless you count the time while at university in Utah when I came off a longboard straight onto the asphalt with my face, which caused a hairline fracture down my nose... see? Not quite the same thing...). 

I used to watch kid after kid go through primary and highschool with broken arms in casts, broken legs with crutches, broken fingers without pens, and broken toes without shoes. And oh how I longed for my own broken bone... but it never came. 

Well, at last it did! Even though it's not my own bone, I am now amidst the mothers who can haphazardly say "Oh, I know what you mean... my daughter also broke her wrist of the monkey-bars", shaking my head with that knowing smile only a mother who's child has broken a bone can give... 

Yep, thanks for Vettoria, I've made it. Meanwhile, she's loving all the attention at school, AND she gets to do most of her class work on the computer, which is a dream come true for her. High fives all around! Well... you know what I mean... ;) 

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