Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Just Like Mike

I gave Juan the ultimate boys gift for father's day this year (even other dads were jealous, hehe) :) After a lot of thought, I decided on a great quality outdoor basketball, and an oversized poster of Michael Jordan. For those of you who don't know my husband, he loves two sports with an absolute passion - soccer, and the NBA. Since soccer season is winding down, his attention has again focused to the NBA, and this means he is catching up with the latest team goss online, as well as reminiscing and re-watching old school clips from his hero's of the 1990s, namely Michael Jordan, Sean Kemp, Kevin Durant, and the Chicago Bulls as a team in general. Try arguing with this guy that LeBron James is as good as Jordan and you will have a losing battle on your hands. I swear I know more about 90s NBA basketball now than I ever did watching it with my brother growing up -  and that was IN the 90s!! 

Since then Juan's been having a great time playing with his new ball and showing off all his old school moves. Check these out:



Not bad for a 35 year old dad of three, right?? :) 

Meanwhile, Vettoria gave him an awesome picture she drew of him, and honestly I still laugh every time I see it. Look at this:

Baha ha haaa still cracks me up. What's with the mustache?? LOL :) It kind of reminds me of the gorgeous mothers day present Eadith made me last year:

What a lovely couple we are, hahaa :-P  I'm holding on to these forever by the way! 

But get this - I gave the girls each $2 to spend at their school Father's Day stall. And you know what happened? Each got him the EXACT same gift! No joke. They each bought a small car key-ring, exact shape and model, just different colors. It was hilarious to see them all pull them out the morning of. Actually, Vettoria gave him TWO of them for some reason, so he actually has FOUR car key-rings to go with his portrait. Makes me laugh every time I think about it.. :) 

Happy Fathers Day daddy, you are the most wonderful father, husband, and man we know. I don't know what I did to deserve you but I'm grateful every day. Much love babe... xxx