Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Day at the Ballet

The girls were invited to Olivia's 5th birthday party held at a local ballet studio. It's a great idea for a little girl party, as the girls get their hair and makeup done, they put on a tutu and they are instructed in the art of ballet. It was a dream come true for my three :) 

I have always said that if the girls want to do ballet then I am perfectly fine with it and I'm happy to support, it however, if they watch a movie or attend a ballet party and walk away asking to do it, but then don't ask again within a 6 month period of time, I assume it was a temporary fad and they have no 'real' desire to do it. And so it has been since the girls were born. Although they love the idea of it, they ask about it only when they are reminded, and hence I haven't gone to the effort to book three little girls in (and pay for it) for weekly ballet lessons when they aren't begging for it in the first place. But hey, ready and waiting for when the real interest shines through :) 

Meanwhile, they loved this party, and I loved watching them in their little outfits parading and prancing and pointing their toes. Sooo cute. Check it out:

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