Sunday, November 30, 2014

Montes Camping Adventure #1

So we did it! We are officially a 'camping' family! We did it all; we had a bonfire, we made a portable toilet - eek!- that actually WORKED, and we roasted marshmallows. It was wonderful. The first night there I felt something so unique and wonderful... I felt at 'one' with nature, totally organic, and completely content with so little. Even not wearing a single drop of makeup nor showering for three days was totally liberating (But oh how lovely it was to shower on day three!!). Kids with dirt-smeared faces was a joy to behold, and wearing the daggiest of 'bush-wacker-I-don't -mind-if-these-get-grubby' clothes was pretty fun. It all was an awesome, carefree feeling.

We went away for three nights and had a great time. We sat around the bonfire roasting marshmallows and sharing embarrassing stories from the mission and our childhoods. The girls kept on saying "This is just like the movies!" They absolutely loved it.

The place we went was a three hour drive away (next time we wont make it so far away), in a land called Gordon Country. It was very hot, by day two was very crowded, and very pretty. We slept in the one tent, but separate rooms and were very comfortable all night. We stayed for three nights, and we look forward to going for longer next time. The river was very low due to the hot summer with no rain, but the kids still had a great time, despite Tori experiencing her very first leech, eek!

We even took the guinea pigs with us and made them a little pen for the daytime and put them in their portable hutch for the nighttime. We also played badminton, went hiking looking for waterfalls (they had dried up, haha), rock-pool jumping, the kids went 'swimming', and did other fun activities. We had a ball, and it was great for Juan and I to get away. We are looking forward to our next camping getaway a little closer to home. Meanwhile, here are some pics form our trip - enjoy!

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