Thursday, April 14, 2016

That's it - we're going to Darwin!

During our second month of Juan being away in Darwin, the pain of being separated was too much for us both, so I spontaneously and secretly booked a flight for me and the girls to go and spend some time with him. It was by far one of the biggest and more expensive spontaneous things I have even done in my life, but sooo worth it! :-) 

My plan was to show up and call him once there, but it was complicated since he was living at a 'site' with other workers, and it wasn't convenient to just come and go from work, etc. So I decided to tell him, and was so relieved I did, because when he told his boss the good news, he said to take the Friday, all weekend, and the Monday off to be with us :-) It was the best news in the entire world!! 

So the girls and I packed up our things, and within two days were gone on our Darwin adventure to visit Daddy! We had prebooked a beautful hotel and we had plans to do lots of things, including looking at potential locations for us to live when we planned to move up in the next few months. 

Basically put, it was a dream come true to see him again, and especially since he was so excited by our visit! And just to be there in another state and let the girls (and I) experience all the 'newness' of Darwin, and have Juan show us around was just awesome. We got to experience different parts of Australia and different lifestyles and cultures. We went to Crocadillus Park and fed crocodiles, much to my horror, and visit the beach, and hung out in popular swimming spots near our hotel, which was just lovely I might add. All in all it was awesome, but the best part of it was just being together again. 

Words can't express the gaping hole in my heart when he is gone. It's like I'm not myself; I'm not whole, like literally. It's more than missing someone; a part of you is no longer there.... it's with him. I find myelf standing in the shopping isle staring at food on the shelf and I catch myself and realise I was in some kind of a daze... again! I am so preoccupied with emotions and feelings of longing that it overtakes me for seconds and even minutes at a time. Sometimes I just want to burst into tears, and sometimes I just do... I have been an emotional mess. So this trip was much needed and it did make a difference and offer some relief, but it's always the biggest relief when we are holding eachoter again at the airport and he is with us for one more week.....  

Not long now.. :-)  

Until then, here's some pics of our little holiday up north... Oh, and did I mention the HEAT? Forget about it, no thank you!!! D-:

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