Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Vettoria!

Our oldest girl is nine!!! What the--?? How did this happen? We still can't believe we have a nine year old in the house- almost into double digits!

Vettoria is just a wonderful little girl (or maybe I should be calling her a 'tween' now??) She is thoughtful and kind, and works so hard to be obedient and smart, and a good example to her sisters in all she does. She has been the standard by which I have based my mothering expectations of how kids should behave, which, admittedly is just terrible of me, because she has been such an easy and pleasant baby and young girl that it makes all other kids, whether my own or others', seem complicated and difficult in comparisson! Tori is just simply put, a delight. I adore her, and I'm happy to say, she also adores me too, yay! :-)

This year Tori was desperate to expereince horseback riding! She had gone on a school outing where she had the chance to sit on a horse and be led around, but she was desperate to do more. So, we made a plan to visit a 'local' horse riding ranch and we all (minus Eadie who had broken her wrist a couple of weeks earlier) spent the whole morning riding horses and learning how to trot and walk and stop and all the other things horses do. It was lots of fun! Even 5 year old Anabel had her own horse and was riding with the rest of us! I allowed Tori to take along her two besties, cousins Ivy and Sophie, after they slept over the night before and stayed up painting their nails, giggling through movies, and decorating her birthday cake all by themselves. In Tori's words: "Best. Birthday. Ever!" :-)  *tick for mummy!*

She is growing up so fast.... but she is very good at it. She's always been mature and responsible, and we are all so grateful she was given to us..

Much love, and Happy Birthday Vettoria Nicolle!  xx

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