Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drum-roll please...

We officially found out that baby number four is a.... GIRL! :-D

We are very excited about it, especially now that we are half way there. It has been such a wirlwind adventure so far, time has just flown by. Sometimes I forget that I'm pregnant! I will admit, I was shocked when we heard the news, as I had 100% convinced myself that we had a baby boy coming. I had a name and everything. Juan knew it was a girl the whole time, so he wasn't surprised, but me, I was shocked. It actually took me about 24 hours to wrap my head around the idea. I feel as though I even went through a 'mourning' process, my mind was so convinced otherwise. Anabel also took the news pretty hard, and actually said to us when we told them, "No! It's meant to be a boy, go back and tell them to check again!" lol.

But I'm happy to say that we are now all super excited to welcome our new little baby girl into the family. Now to pick a name!!!!! 

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