Friday, October 28, 2016

Look who's got glasses?

Anabel is absolutely adorable in her new reading glasses. Her prep teacher had noticed that she squints when she reads, and we began to notice it too. So it was off to the Optomitrist and sure enough, our little Bel-Bel needed specs for reading up close. She had a lot of fun picking them out and settled on a pair that were her favorites. I wasn't surprised that they were blue, as it's totally the new 'in color' in our household amongst the girls. And, the color just happens to look perfect with her school uniform which works well :-) 

When we got them I had to teach her the big work "responibility" as she was now responsibile for them not getting broken, etc. So she wears them for school when she does her work, but is careful not to wear them in play time nor let other kids play with them. So far she has been very responsible, and has proven to be a worthy owner of her special new item. I'm very proud of her efforts - and she's jsut so darn cute!

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