Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Anabel's Big Girl Decision

Anabel waiting at the hair salon to have her big cut
So, Anabel recently decided she wanted to cut her hair. All off! She has been so proud of her long locks for the past couple of years, as her and Tori are always trying to compete with Eadith who currently holds the "longest hair in the house" title. I blame Rapunzel for all of it...  :-S

But one day she said to me "Mum, I want to cut my hair off... to here", motioning above her shoulders. I was surprised, reminded her that it wasn't going to just grown back the next day, and to be sure she really wanted to do it. She did. So off we went to the hairdresser. She was so excited and nervous, it was positively adorable. As she sat in the chair, the lady asked "How short would you like to go?" and I casually motioned  to just below her shoulder thinking Anabel wouldn't notice the difference. She did. She immediately stopped me and said "No mum, I want it to HERE" and motioned an inch ABOVE her shoulder again. I asked her one more time, "Are you sure?" She was. And so it began. I sat and watched nervously as the hairdresser snipped away, while Bel sat patiently watching. I could tell she was nervous, but, once she has her mind set on something, she goes all the way. (Don't know were she get's that ;-)  

The final product was absolutely adorable! It's like she knew how perfect it would be all along, and she was not surprised at all :-)  Check out my adorable brave girl straight after it was done:

The final product!! Ultra cute!! 

Such a cutie-patootie!! And get this, she STILL loves it, thank goodness!! Whenever she asks me "Mum, will my hair still look like this tomorrow?" and I reply "yes...", she responds with a resolute "Yay!!" No cutter's remorse here, folks.  And did I mention it's the easiest hair in the world to take care of?? I'm loving how easy it is for her to brush, and there are never any knots! Well done baby girl, you're brave and beautiful, a brilliant combo! xx

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