Saturday, December 10, 2016

The first of the Grandchild Graduates

I can't believe my niece Emilie has graduated highschool! Given, she is about 18 months younger than her other graduate friends, but that is because she skipped grade 10, so she has technically only just turned 16 years old and has now completed highschool. Crazy! Alisha and Glen are very proud, as you can imagine. But the highlight for me was watching her get ready for her school formal. Another niece, Ava, did her hair, and I did her makeup, and with my mum and dad, as well as her's and all her six brothers and sisters looking on, it was totally a family effort glamming her up :-) And glam we did!  SO happy with how she came out :-)  Congratulations Emilie, exciting times ahead with driving, working and going to uni!! One down, only 18 more to go! 

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