Thursday, January 12, 2017

Countdown to the big day!

Our baby girl will be here in 8 more weeks!! We are all soooo excited! What a pregnancy this has been! Up until this point it has been the fastest one yet. We have been so busy and have had so many different things happen over the past 12 months, it has just zoomed by. But, here we are, 8 weeks to go, and it suddenly feels as though time is slowing down..... not the funnest esperience in a Queensland heat wave of 35 degree C weather during the school holidays! 

There is definitely a difference between being 30 years old and carrying baby number 3, and being almost 36 and carrying baby number 4. I am slower, heavier, sorer, fatter, and more tired than I ever was with my other pregnancies. Between the sciatic butt pain, the aching bones, the swollen feet and legs, the constant sweating, the killer heartburn, the hottest hands anyone in my family has ever felt, AND the continual kicking of our little soccer star inside my belly, this pregnancy is slowly but surely breaking me. 

I had so many plans to continue with yoga this pregnancy, which has gone ka-put every time I sit on the floor (I can't get back up because of the pain!). Likewise, my plan to walk was booted off the list when the painful retained water in my legs preferred elevation rather than unnecessary movement (thank heavens that has settled somewhat...).  So I 'swim' (float around with 2 pool noodles holding me up, lol) in mum's pool and convince myself "it's exercise". Nope, my plans to be fit and healthy this pregnancy didn't transpire, but I'm really hoping that my experience with yoga and relaxation breathing over the past four years will prove a valuable asset as I approach labor. I plan on doing hypnobirthing techniques as I did with Anabel, as it proved a much better solution than just winging it as I did with the other two. I have a midwife who oversees everything this pregnancy, so that's a nice change, and this time I have been treated as "high risk" for two reasons - 1) my overactive thyroid (which is in remission atm I'm happy to announce!), and 2) the fact that I am 35 years old. Seriously, the extra blood tests and appointments for women of "my age" is crazy. But, c'est la vie. As long as baby comes out healthy and so do I, I don't care how many glucose blood tests and extra scans they make me do in the meantime. 

We have a cot, a bassinet, a pram, a change table, and lots of adorable new clothes (that I bought at a huge sale and spent an absurd amount of money, so I am TOTALLY blaming it on pregnancy-brain!!), so once we get  nappies etc, we will be good to go. The girls go back to school in a week and a half, so I'll focus on that then. S'all good, there's plenty of time :) 

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