Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Stuff we did while Daddy was away...

Life has been very different for us since Juan has been working in Darwin. Some things are the same, especially for the girls, but as you can imagine, for me it has been a crazy rollercoaster of highs and lows. But there are some things that have been pretty cool not having a husband around.... for one, I don't feel the big stress to have dinner ready on time every night. Seriously, wives really only cook for their husbands, not for themselves or even their kids. The kids are happy with 2 minute noodles or a plate of vegies, but offer that to a husband and he'd be like, "Where's the meat? What am I, a rabbit?" So that's one thing off my plate (quite literally!) 

Second, we can go to the movies at a moment's notice. This is lots of fun, and we especially love doing it straight after school pickup. I'll randomly say "Who wants to go to the movies?!" and they all shout "Me!" and we go and see some fun kiddy flick at 4pm during the weekday, something we would never have done if daddy was home, because he would have been home between 5:30 and 6:30pm and we would have wanted to be there to welcome him home and eat dinner together. But now, we can take off whenever we want. If we make it a Friday afternoon, we make a night of it; we catch a 4pm movie, and then hit southbank for a couple of hours where we eat chips and play on the toys. 

Another thing we do more regularly is hit the beach. Juan's not a big fan of the wavy water... or sand.... or heat, lol. So we don't go very often even though once we are there we usually have lots of fun. But, to fill in our time while daddy's away, we not hit the coast more often, and it has been lots of fun - even with Eadie's broken wrist! 

Here are some pics of us girls enjoying ourselves inbetween daddy visits. Nothing beats having him back and hanging out with us, but for now, these little fun adventures will have to fill the void... :-) 

Skyping daddy one Sunday afternoon

Ready to hit the movies for a girls night out!

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