Friday, December 30, 2016

Time Out for Family Fun

We recently went waterskiing with'boating friends'; (aka: friends who have a boat and actually use it, in this case, the Harris's), and some work colleagues of Juan. It was lots of fun! The girls had a blast, and they even were brave enough to try wakeboarding and tubing, which I was really happy about. Even Juan had a go wakeboarding! I was so impressed as I watched and cheered pregnantly from the sidelines, unable to do any of it, but loving the day nevertheless.  I took some pics of Juan and Tori as they attempted to get up, get going, and then crash into the water. There were so many boats on the water that day, it was tough to get up and stay up because of all the wakes, and I was so impressed they almost made it up multiple times. 

Juan took both Tori and Bel out on the tube, but Eadie wouldn't have a bar of it, she was perfectly happy to stay in the boat. Especially after watching Bel and daddy flip face forward into the water on their first attempt on the tube, which really solidified her resolve that she didn't want to do it. But I was grateful that Bel chose to get on again and had the time of her life once they got going. 

It's definitely made us consider the option of getting a boat or at least some kind of water toys for the future, and we had a great time. Thank you Melanie and Brendan for letting us tag along on your fun day. It was just another day on the water for them, but for us it was a special family event! 

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